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3 – Prepare Your Cover

To size your cover correctly, you’ll need the final page count from your interior manuscript after accounting for your trim and margin sizes. Make sure your interior is correct and final before proceeding to create your cover.

What you’ll need:
  • Your finished interior manuscript and page count
  • Your book’s primary language
  • Book title and author name (or pen name)
  • Your book description (the blurb that will appear on the book’s back cover and detail page)
  • Publishing rights information (is the work public domain, or do you own the rights?)
  • Primary audience (is the work intended for children or adults?)
  • Browse categories (you can change this later)
  • High-resolution image(s) or artwork (optional)
  • Your author bio image for back cover (optional)
  • Your barcode information (if you intend to use your own)

3.1 Cover Creator

We recommend you use our Cover Creator tool to design a cover for your eBook or print book. When using Cover Creator, your cover is automatically sized to fit the print options and format you’ve selected.

Check out or video, or for in-depth instructions to use Cover Creator, visit Cover Creator.

3.2 Cover Templates (Print Only)

If you have specific formatting needs and want to format your cover yourself, you can download a cover template using Print Cover Calculator and Templates. The template is sized according to your book’s specifications.

To use the tool, you’ll need to enter the following information:

  • Binding Type. Paperback or Hardcover
  • Interior Type. Black & White, Premium Color, or Standard Color (paperback only)
  • Paper Type. White Paper, or Cream Paper
  • Page Turn Direction. Left-to-Right, Right-to-Left
  • Measurement Units. Inches or Millimeters (select your preference)
  • Interior Trim Size
  • Page Count

After entering the information above, click Calculate Dimensions.

The tool will provide measurements for each of your cover elements.

Click Download Template for a PNG file (example right) to use as a guide layer in your image editing software.

For in-depth cover formatting guidance, visit Create a Paperback Cover, Create a Hardcover Cover, or What criteria does my eBook's cover image need to meet?

If you’re seeking professional book cover creation, formatting, translation, or eBook formatting services, visit Publishing Service Providers & Resources.

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