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KDP Select All-Stars

KDP Select All-Star Bonus is a KDP Select benefit where each month we award All-Star bonuses to books and authors that are read the most in Kindle Unlimited (KU). Authors and titles that provide our customers the best reading experience are rewarded based on how much customers read in Kindle Unlimited (KU). Authors who publish books together are considered a single "author" for the purposes of KDP All-Star bonuses. We email the award winners.

  • Requirements:
  • Format: KDP eBook
  • Marketplace: Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de
  • Benefits:
    • Each month we award All-Star bonuses to books and authors that are read the most in Kindle Unlimited (KU).
    • All-Star recipients are also eligible for All-Star badges on their book detail page

KDP Select All-Star bonuses by marketplace

Ranking Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk Amazon.de
Author Ranking Bonus Bonus Bonus
1-10 $25,000 £2,000 €7,500
11-20 $10,000 £1,500 €5,000
21-30 $5,000 £750 €3,500
31-50 $2,500 £500 €2,500
51-100 $1,000 £500 €1,500
101-150 - - €500
Title Ranking Bonus Bonus Bonus
1-10 $2,500 £500 €750
11-50 $1,000 £250 €500
51-100 $500 £100 €250

Illustrated Kids' Book bonus

  • Requirements: besides All-Star bonueses requirements, the books must be classified as Children Books.
  • Marketplace: Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk

The top 100 most read illustrated kids' books in the U.S. and the top 25 in the U.K. will receive Illustrated Kids' Book bonuses. Kids' Book bonuses will be awarded based on total KU pages read for the first time by KU customers during the month. The books should be intended for young children learning to read, and have illustrations integral to the book's storyline.

Title Ranking Bonus
Amazon.com Bonus
1-5 $2,000
6-10 $1,500
11-30 $750
31-50 $350
51-100 $250
Amazon.co.uk Bonus
1-25 £200

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