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Authors & Contributors

Your book should have at least one author or primary contributor. In addition to listing the author, you can list contributors. Contributors are people involved in creating your book, such as editors, illustrators, or anyone else you want to give credit to.

When entering the author name, be mindful of spelling and accuracy as this field cannot be changed once your book is published. This applies to paperbacks, hardcover, and eBooks. Author name is one of the most common ways customers will search for your books, so it’s important to ensure it's consistent with other books associated with the author. Additionally, several Amazon features (e.g., Author Pages, Series Pages, format linking) rely on a consistent author name.

  • Anything entered into the author field that is not part of your author name may be rejected. This includes, but isn’t limited to, extra punctuation and special characters. However, you can use a pen name as long as it is appropriate and stays consistent throughout all of your work.
  • For Ancient Religious Texts, only the recognized/ known author and its synonyms are accepted on the author field. For example: "God, Holy Spirit, or Lord of worlds" as author of the Bible, or "Valmiki" as author of the Ramayana. The rest of the people or organizations involved in the creation must be listed as contributors.

Paperback, Hardcover and eBook Differences

The paperback or hardcover book setup allows you to enter a middle name/initial, prefix, and/or suffix to your author name. The eBook setup does not. If you need to add a middle name/initial, prefix, or suffix to your eBook, please contact us and we can add that for you. Again, it’s important to remain consistent with your author name across all books that you publish.

Multiple Authors

If you have more than one author, you can list them in the Contributors section. Just select “Author” from the dropdown of contributor type options. The name listed in the Author section will be the first to show on the detail page. After that, the order of contributors will be listed as they are on your book setup page.

Author Pages

An Author page allows you have all of your work on one page and gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself to your readers. It helps them get to know you and makes it easy for them to find all of your books in a single place. An Author Page does not come standard with use of KDP and you will need to register for an Author Central account to have one.

Check out these examples of Author Pages: William Shakespeare, Delia Smith, Stephenie Meyer. Now view a page for one of their books. See how you can enrich your detail page by adding a bio and editorial reviews through your Author Page? On the Author Page, we display essential information like bibliographies, biographies, author photos, and feeds to blog posts. Your book needs to be published before you can create your Author Page, but you can begin preparing for this now.

To learn more about how to create an author page, visit our Author Central page.

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