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Advertising for KDP books

Amazon Ads enable your books to appear in prominent placements in the Amazon store, helping you capture readers’ attention while they’re browsing for books. You’ll set your own budget, giving you control over how much you spend on your campaigns.

Choose between Sponsored Products ads, which appear in shopping results and on product detail pages, directing shoppers to your book’s detail page once clicked, or Sponsored Brands, which enables you to showcase a selection of your books and aid discovery of you as an author, or to run eye-catching video ads that direct shoppers to a detail page.

If you’re interested in using ads to reach new readers, read on to learn how to get started. We’ll also cover some FAQs, but for more information you can also visit the Support Center to discover step-by-step guidance, troubleshooting tips,  videos, and more.

Or if you’ve already reviewed the information on getting started, go ahead and Register for Amazon Ads to launch your first campaign.

How to create ads

Step 1

Check eligibility requirements

You can create ads for books you publish through KDP, co-authored books, and books published outside of KDP. For KDP titles, ads are available in the US, CA, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, and Australia.

For traditionally published titles (books that are not self-published, and are published outside KDP), ads are available in the US, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, and France. To advertise your title, it must meet book advertising guidelines. Take this time to make sure your ad and book content meets the book ads creative acceptance policies.

If the book title or content is in a language other than the language of the Amazon site where the ad will display, the following conditions apply:
  • The book title in the ad and product detail page must include a language disclaimer, such as “The Book I Wrote (French Edition)” or “Un Deux Trois (French Edition)”.
  • Customizable headline or custom text, where applicable, must be in the language of the Amazon site where the ad will display.
  • Where possible, a local language translation of the book title should be in the book title, headline, or custom text.
Step 2

Get your detail page ready

A strong detail page can help convert clicks into a sale. Make sure your book detail pages have a good summary of your title and includes support for any claims you may make in your ads (ex: New York Times bestseller).

You can also use A+ content to enhance your product detail page by adding images, text, and comparison tables to engage readers and give more information as they consider buying your book. Learn more about A+content.

Step 3

Add your books on Amazon Author Central

Add your books to your Amazon Author Central account so they appear on your Author Page. To add books to your Amazon Author Central account:

  1. Sign into Amazon Author Central (use your existing KDP credentials).
  2. Click the Books tab and click Add a Book.
  3. In the Search field, enter the book title, ISBN, ASIN, or author name.
  4. Find your book and click the book cover.
  5. Click Add this book.
Your readers may visit your Author Page during their shopping journey to get to know you and your books collection, so make sure your author bio and photo are also up to date. Learn more about how to update your Author Profile.

For traditionally published titles, you must add at least one pen name and at least one book to your Author Central account before you can start advertising.

To create a Sponsored Brands campaign, you must add at least one pen name with three unique titles to your Author Central account. Lean more about adding a new pen name.
Step 4

Register for an advertising account

  1. Go to the KDP Portal marketing tab.
  2. In the Amazon Ads section, choose the marketplace you want to advertise in.
  3. Click Go to Ads Console.
  4. Accept the Terms and Conditions.
  5. Sign in with your existing KDP credentials. An ads account will be created for each of the countries where advertising is available (US, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, CA, AU). At the top left of the ads console, go to Change country to view the different countries, and create and manage your ads for each country. To change the language in the ads console, click your user name in the header bar and select one of the available options from the dropdown menu.
Step 5

Launch you first campaign

We recommend getting started with Sponsored Products. In just a few minutes, you can create a campaign, even if you've never advertised before.

Sponsored Products are cost-per-click (CPC) which means you only pay when customers click on your ad. You choose how much to bid per click and set your own budget. After launching your campaign, it will go through a review process called moderation. Learn more about ads moderation.

To learn more about Sponsored Products, watch our introduction video or get everything you need to know in our interactive guide for authors. For additional ads resources, see I need more help with Amazon Ads, what resources are available to help me learn about advertising?.
Step 6

Manage your ads

After you’ve launched your first campaign, visit the Ads console at advertising.amazon.com to see your performance, manage your campaigns, and launch new campaigns. Keep in mind that you can only check on your ads in the Ads console, which you can also access via the marketing tab of the KDP portal.

To learn more about optimization and campaign management, refer to Amazon Ads Your next 30 days in our interactive guide for authors, or our video on reports for authors.

You can also learn more about ads by looking I need more help with Amazon Ads, what resources are available to help me learn about advertising?

Frequently asked questions

What type of Ads can I create?

With Amazon Ads you can choose between Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands. To see more details about each ad type, refer to the Getting started guide for authors

Why is there a difference between the reports showing in my KDP account and the ones in my Amazon Ads Account?

It’s normal to see a difference between the information displayed on your reports between your KDP and your Amazon Ads accounts. This is because your Amazon Ads account will only show numbers for the sales attributed to your ads, whereas your KDP account will show all numbers related to your books, whatever led to their purchase.
Report KDP Account Amazon Ads Account
  • This account shows only the final sales-numbers and royalties you earned from books published in your KDP account.
  • For paperback books, it shows the sale once your book has shipped.
  • Sales for paperback books in Australia will be reported as an Amazon.com sale.
  • Show total value of your booksold within 14 days attributed to clicks on your ad.
  • Sales of the advertised ASIN are credited to the campaign.
  • For paperback books, it shows the sale on the day of the purchase.
  • Sales for paperback books in Australia will show the sale in your Australian advertising account.
  • The ad sales attributed to your products do not include reporting for Kindle Unlimited pages read.
  • It can take up to 12 hours for your orders data to update on your advertising report. As a result, orders data may be delayed in the Today date range. We recommend waiting until all orders data is populated before evaluating campaign performance. Payment failures and orders that are cancelled within 72 hours will be removed from orders totals.
Kindle Edition Normalized Pages (KENP)
  • This account shows the accumulated total of all Kindle Edition Normalized Pages (KENP) read in Kindle Unlimited (KU).
  • The dashboard shows reading activity from all customers who are currently reading or have read pages in your book.
Shows the estimated number of normalized pages attributed to your Sponsored Products campaign from customers who borrow your book from Kindle Unlimited. This metric helps you understand the volume of pages read after customers click your ads.
  • The Historical report on your KDP account shows the accumulated total of all royalties including Kindle Edition Normalized Pages (KENP) read in Kindle Unlimited (KU).
  • The total royalties in your KDP reports include royalties from pages read from books obtained through regular search, this is, without clicking on your ad.
  • We recommend to check your actual earnings in your KDP reports.
The estimated KENP royalties metrics from your ads dashboard only reflect royalties from pages read that are attributed to an ad campaign for your book. This means, a customer who clicked on your ad and then read your book pages within 14 days after the click.

Why should I advertise my books?

Amazon Ads helps you reach audiences where they shop, read, listen, and watch. With Sponsored Ads, you can connect with customers through ads that appear in Amazon shopping results and drive discovery of your brand as an author.

  • 74% of shoppers recall seeing an ad during their Amazon visit.*
  • 51% of shoppers visit Amazon early in their purchase journey to gather information and for help finding books.*
  • On average, book buyers who visited Amazon considered 22% more titles than book buyers who did not visit Amazon.*
  • 46% of book buyers on Amazon use shopping results to research their book purchase.*

*Amazon and Kantar books path to purchase study, US only, August, 2023.

What is ad moderation?

Whenever you submit an ad for a book, it first has to go through a review and approval process we call moderation.

Moderation is a multistep process that every book advertisement on Amazon goes through. We consider your book content, book cover art, and the custom text or headline in your ads to ensure they fall within our retail and advertising guidelines.

This process helps make advertisements on Amazon safe, trustworthy, and high quality for our customers. And most importantly, it helps create a successful environment for book sales.

When review is complete, we will let you know if your ad was approved or rejected (usually within 24 hours, but this could take up to 3 business days). For more information and tips for approval, refer to the Complete Guide on Book Moderation.

How do I create a new campaign?

You’ll need to be registered for an advertising account.
  1. Sign into the Ads console.
  2. Click Create campaign below the performance dashboard. If you have never launched a campaign, you will be taken directly to the ad type selection page.
  3. Choose the ad type you wish to use and follow campaign creation instructions or follow our guidance to preparing your campaign, step-by-step.

I need more help with Amazon Ads, what resources are available to help me learn about advertising?

There is plenty of help content in Support Center and you can also check the book-specific resources below:

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