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Price Troubleshooting

Learn more about printing cost changes effective June 20, 2023, at 12:00 AM UTC.
This page provides information about book pricing and common concerns that might arise when setting or updating your list price.

Frequently Asked Questions

We reserve the right to set the retail price we charge for books you publish with us, which may be different than your list price. Keep in mind that you set and control the list price of your work, while the price on the detail page and any discounts are set at the discretion of Amazon, and are subject to change.

Here are two examples of when this could happen:

  • The price at which a competitor sells your book is lower than your list price.
  • The price at which we sell a physical edition of your book is lower than your eBook’s list price.

For eBooks:
If you chose the 70% royalty option, your royalties will be calculated off this new, offer price (if the sale qualifies for the 70% royalty option). If you chose the 35% option, you'll be paid off the original list price you chose.

For paperback and hardcover:
We retain discretion to set the retail price for books we sell. Our decision to price products is based on a number of considerations, which vary over time. We suggest you set your book’s list price based on what you deem is a fair value for customers. Royalties will continue to be calculated from the list price you provided in your KDP account.

Note: Your book's price may vary by country or region as different taxes or operating costs may apply. For more information about list price conversion, VAT, royalties, and delivery costs, see:

Updates to your book’s list price may vary depending on how great the change is:

  • For eBooks, it can take up to 24 hours.
  • For paperback and hardcover, it can take 3 to 5 days.
Note: If your book is being discounted, the list price will not update on the website until the discount is removed. Learn more about our book’s timelines. If your book’s list price hasn’t updated within that timeline, contact us.

To update the list price of your book, follow the steps outlined on our pricing page.

No, you can't set your book's list price as free.

An alternative for eBooks: You can enroll in KDP Select and use the Free eBook Promotion. This allows you to give away your eBook for free, up to 5 days (within each 90-day term).

If your book is available through Amazon, then third-party sellers have the ability to purchase your book and re-sell it through Amazon or other retail channels. Amazon is not directly affiliated with these sellers, and we do not control certain aspects of their Amazon product listing. This includes pricing, shipping, condition (new or used), and delivery terms.

If you set multiple Euro list prices for your book for different Amazon marketplaces, we use the lowest of these Euro list prices. We do this to provide consistency across our Amazon marketplaces. For example, customers in Switzerland and Luxembourg can buy Kindle books on Amazon.de and Amazon.fr. If you provide different Euro list prices for a book on Amazon.de and Amazon.fr, when we sell your book to customers in Switzerland and Luxembourg, we use the lower of the two list prices for sales to those customers on both Amazon.de and Amazon.fr.

Also, if you provide a list price for an Amazon site other than Amazon.com (e.g., Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.ca, Amazon.com.br, Amazon.co.jp, Amazon.in, Amazon.com.au), we convert your list price into US Dollars when selling your book on Amazon.com to customers who are also served by that other Amazon site. For example, if you provide a GBP list price for Amazon.co.uk, we use that list price, convert it to US Dollars when selling your book to UK customers using the Amazon.com site.

For print books, the price displayed on the detail page might be different than the list price you set in your KDP account. You will still be paid royalties based on your list price.

The 70% royalty will only apply to sales in the Available Sales Territories. Your sales to customers outside the Available Sales Territories will fall under the 35% Royalty Option.

You can change your pre-order’s list price or book details any time before the submission deadline. To view your submission deadline, you can use the timer found on your eBook setup pages. The deadline is 3 days before the release date.

  • If you lower your price, we'll retroactively charge that amount to customers who have already pre-ordered your book. Additionally, you’ll receive royalties based on the lower price.
  • If you increase the price during the pre-order period, all prior customers will still pay the lower price for all marketplaces where your book will be sold, except for Germany. We base your royalty on the actual price we charge customers. For Germany, all prior orders placed will be cancelled. We will notify customers who bought your book with the new price and provide details for them to buy the book again.

You can calculate your printing cost and royalty using our calculator. KDP prints your book on demand and subtracts your printing costs from your royalties. That means you don't have to pay any costs upfront or carry any inventory.

Printing cost also depends on which Amazon marketplace (website) a reader ordered your book from. Costs also vary depending on trim size, page count, and ink type (black ink or color ink). Trim sizes, bleed settings and cover finish don't affect printing cost.

Note: Figures generated by the calculator are for estimation purposes only. Your actual royalty will be calculated when you set up your book.

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