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When will my proof or author copy arrive?


Delivery estimates

Our manufacturing and delivery estimates are based on the quantity ordered and selected delivery speed. Actual manufacturing times fluctuate according to total order volume. There may be times that your order is manufactured faster than expected, but faster delivery isn't guaranteed. We recommend noting the delivery date you're given when placing the order. This date takes manufacturing time into consideration, and can change depending on the demand.

The delivery estimate is displayed on the last page at checkout, just before you click Place your order.

Note: If no delivery estimate is given at checkout, this means we need additional time to manufacture and prepare your order for shipment. Once we’re able to provide a delivery estimate, you’ll be notified via email and your order status will be updated.

While you may be able to select a faster shipping speed for your order, we’re not able to expedite the process to manufacture your order.

Check order status and track your package

If you’ve placed an order and want to know when it will arrive, you can track the status of your order by visiting the Your Account page of the Amazon marketplace where you placed your order. For example, if you ordered from Amazon.com, you’ll go to Amazon.com and follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the Amazon site where you placed the order (e.g., Amazon.com, Amazon.fr, etc)
  2. From Your Account, click the Your Orders button to access your order history.
  3. Locate the order you wish to track, and click the Track Package button. If there is no Track Package button, your order has not yet shipped, however you will still see a delivery estimate, or Arriving date, on the order.

Missing tracking information

Tracking information won’t be available for an order before the order has been marked as Shipped.

In some cases, no tracking information will be generated for an order. If you don’t see tracking information for an order that has already shipped, this isn’t an indication that your order won’t arrive on time. If your order hasn’t arrived, and the delivery estimate has passed, visit My proof or author copy didn’t arrive on time.

For further details, visit the link below for the Amazon site where you placed your order:

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