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Sales Ranking

Best Seller and Category Ranks are based on sales of your book relative to the sales of other books. A book ranking #1 in Mystery & Thrillers is the best-selling book in Amazon's Mystery & Thrillers category. A book with a Best Seller Rank of #1 is the best-selling book in Amazon's Books store. Books have a Best Seller Rank after selling at least one copy and can appear in up to three categories. The book's rank in each category will show under the Product Details section. Gift sales count toward sales ranking only if the sale is redeemed within 24 hours by the recipient. Promotional Amazon Giveaway sales are not counted towards a sales rank.

Rankings are updated hourly but may take 24-48 hours to appear after the first completed sale. Rankings reflect newer and historical sales of every book sold, with recent sales weighted more heavily. So if other books have recently sold more often than your book, your book's Best Sellers Rank may stay the same or even drop. Your sales rank can also change even when its sales stay the same. This happens when other books experience a decrease in average sales. So even when your book's sales rate stays the same, your rank may improve compared to the rank of other books.

When we calculate Best Sellers Rank, we consider the entire sales history of a book. Monitoring your book's Amazon sales rank may be helpful in gaining general insight into the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and other initiatives to drive book sales, but it is not an accurate way to track your book's sales or compare your sales in relation to books in other categories.

The ranking for books with consistent selling histories that have been available on Amazon for a long time may fluctuate less than the ranking of new books, or books whose sales histories aren't as stable. One sale of a very popular book may not influence its rank much at all, but one sale of a lower volume book may significantly improve that book’s rank.

Note: Each available format of your book (eBook, paperback) has its own independent Amazon Best Sellers Rank.

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