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Printing Cost

KDP prints your book on demand and subtracts your printing costs from your royalties. That means you don't have to pay any costs upfront or carry any inventory.

How we calculate printing cost

Printing costs vary depending on page count and ink type (black ink or color ink). Trim size, bleed settings, and cover finish don't affect printing cost. Printing cost also depends on which Amazon marketplace (website) your paperback was ordered from. Based on the print options you choose, KDP automatically calculates and displays your printing cost in the Rights & Pricing section of title setup. To calculate your paperback's printing cost, we use this formula:

  • Fixed cost + (page count * per page cost) = printing cost

For example, here's how we calculate the printing cost of a 300-page black ink paperback sold on the US marketplace:

  • $0.85 (fixed cost) + (300 [page count] * $0.012 [per page cost]) = $4.45 (printing cost)
To estimate your printing cost, use our calculator. To see tables that summarize printing cost calculations by marketplace, click these links:

Amazon.fr., Amazon.it, Amazon.es

Note: Paperback publishing is not yet available for titles written in Japanese. KDP publishers can, however, sell paperbacks written in the languages we support on amazon.co.jp.

Minimum list price

The minimum list price is calculated based on your book's printing cost. It ensures that your royalties earned are always enough to cover the cost to print your book. KDP will not allow you to enter a list price lower than the minimum threshold. To calculate your minimum list price, we divide your paperback's printing cost by the royalty rate (60%):

  • Printing cost / 60% (royalty rate) = minimum list price

For example, here's how we calculate the minimum list price for a 300-page black ink paperback sold on the US marketplace:

  • $4.45 (printing cost) / 60% (royalty rate) = $7.42 (minimum list price)

Maximum list price

You can set the price of your paperback above the minimum threshold up to a maximum of:

  • 250 USD (Amazon.com)
  • 350 CAD (Amazon.ca)
  • 250 EUR (EU marketplaces)
  • 30,000 JPY (Amazon.co.jp)

Setting and updating list prices

You can set list prices by marketplace as long as they’re higher than the minimum list price (based on Printing Cost / Royalty Rate) and lower than the maximum list price. The time it takes to update your price depends on how great the change is.

See our help page for information on timelines, including updates to published books.

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