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Proof and Author Copies

Proof and author copies differ from copies that are purchased directly from the Amazon website.

Proof copies feature a “Not for Resale” watermark and unique barcode with no ISBN. Proofs are intended as a test copy for you to review prior to submitting for publication.

Author copies are prints of your live book offered to you at print cost. Author copies don’t include unpublished (draft) changes you’ve made on KDP. You are welcome to resell or give away author copies you ordered from KDP.

You won’t receive any royalties for the purchase or resale of a proof or author copy, and proof or author copy orders won’t appear in your KDP Reports. You’ll be able to view any past orders in your Amazon order history.


Learn more about how to place an order for a proof or author copy, how to calculate proof and author copy prices, available shipping options and costs, and how to schedule a Release Date.


For problems placing your order, check our resources for proof copies or author copies to resolve common issues.


Learn how to find order status and tracking information about an order you already placed.


If you received a copy you believe has printing errors, visit My proof or author copy has printing errors.


Learn what to do if you received a damaged copy, or would like to give packaging feedback.


Learn what to do if you've tracked your order and it didn't arrive by the delivery estimate.

To learn more about ordering Proof and Author copies, check out our videos below on YouTube:

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