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Where can I find my Amazon Series Page?

Your Amazon series page is a product detail page that shows an overview of your series details and gives readers the opportunity to see and buy all the books in your series.



Series pages are available to readers on:
  • Amazon.com
  • Amazon.co.uk
  • Amazon.de
  • Amazon.fr
  • Amazon.it
  • Amazon.es
  • Amazon.ca
  • Amazon.com.au
  • Amazon.com.br
  • Amazon.com.mx
  • Amazon.in
  • Amazon.co.jp
Not all features are available in every marketplace. Series that contain paperback or hardcover books are not available on Amazon.co.jp

Locating your series on Amazon

The URLs for series pages differ across the supported marketplaces. Your KDP account directs you to the Amazon.com series page.
For all other marketplaces, follow the directions below.

How to find your Amazon Series Page

Find your Series page on the Amazon website from books in your series.

  1. You can see the title of your series searching a book in the series or visiting the detail page of a book in your series.

    To find your series page from the Amazon website, see below the title of a book in your series. Click the link next to “Book X of Y” below the star rating to see the series page.

  2. In your Series page readers can see:

    • 2.1. The number of the books in the series.
      2.2. 1-Click Ordering or "Bulk Buy" for your eBooks.
      2.3. The format available for each of the books in the series.
      2.4. The content you've added as Related (prequels, novellas, boxsets, etc.)

Supported features

In some cases, you can add a book to your series in KDP but it won't appear on your Amazon series page because the feature isn't supported. We're working to add series features and improvements over time. Providing accurate information for your series now ensures the best reader experience as additional features become available.

FeatureSupported on KDPSupported on Amazon Store
Paperbacks and HardcoverYesNot on Amazon.co.jp
Related ContentYesYes
Series with contributions from multiple authorsNoYes, contact us to make changes for these series

1-click ordering

1-click ordering, or “bulk buy,” allows readers to buy all of the eBooks in your series with one click from your series page.

Series 1-click ordering won't be available if your series has:
  • More than 25 titles.
  • Books with multiple editions to prevent readers from purchasing two copies of the same book.
  • Items unavailable on Kindle.
  • Pre-order titles. However, pre-order titles will still show in the series page and customers will be able to pre-order the book individually from the page.
  • Less than two live titles.
  • Paperback and hardcover titles. Series 1-click ordering is only available for Kindle eBooks. Readers can add paperbacks to cart individually and purchase them through the normal check out process.
  • Series “Read for Free” with 1-click.
If your series page is not eligible for series 1-click ordering, readers can buy the titles in your series on an individual basis from your series page.

Related content

We feature related content on series pages on Amazon.com desktop and mobile browsers, but not in Amazon apps or devices. Learn more about editing series relationships.

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