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Paperback Submission Overview

Ready to upload your manuscript to KDP? For the best results, we recommend using a PDF file. Before you upload your file, read this overview of the submission process. Understanding the process can help you publish a higher quality book faster.
A paperback manuscript formatting guide

Video: Paperback formatting essentials webinar recording
  • Introduction (0:00)
  • What this video covers (1:14)
  • What readers expect (1:55)
  • Research and planning (3:12)
  • Manufacturing (3:49)
  • Trim size (4:51)
  • Margins (7:47)
  • Bleed (9:18)
  • Book components (11:44)
  • Front matter (12:05)
  • Book body (13:29)
  • Back matter (15:50)
  • Tools (16:14)
  • File review (20:34)
  • Tips for all software (21:23)
  • Flattening files (21:48)
  • Embedding fonts (22:49)

Step 1


Before you upload your manuscript to KDP, format it so it meets our quality standards. Check out our formatting resources:

Step 2


Before you upload your files, review the common issues we look for during our automated and manual quality checks. If necessary, update your original files and upload the revised files to KDP.

Step 3

Automated check

After you upload your files, check them with our Print Previewer. This tool checks for errors you need to fix before you can submit for publication. If you receive an upload error, review our Help page: Troubleshoot Paperback Formatting Issues. You will need to update your original files and upload the revised files to KDP. You can also preview your book by downloading a digital proof (PDF) in Print Previewer or by ordering a physical proof.

Step 4

Manual check

After you submit your book, we manually check your interior and cover files. If we find any issues, we'll email you instructions on what to fix. After your book passes our manual check, it will become available for sale on Amazon. See our help page for publication timelines.

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