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Kindle Create Tutorial

In this 10-step tutorial, you'll use Kindle Create to prepare the interior of a sample book, Jane Austen's classic novel Pride and Prejudice. You'll start with an unformatted manuscript and finish with a file that's ready to be uploaded to KDP. We've provided starting materials and will walk you through each step.

By the end of the tutorial, you'll understand what you can do with Kindle Create and how to use it to prepare your own eBooks.

Step 1

Download Kindle Create

If you haven't done so, download Kindle Create and install the tool.

Step 2

Download sample files

Here's an unformatted Microsoft Word version of Pride and Prejudice and an image you'll insert in step 8. Download and save these files on your computer.

Step 3

Import unformatted file into Kindle Create

To import the sample manuscript file, start Kindle Create and click New Project from File.

New project screen in Kindle Create

Find the file of Pride and Prejudice on your computer and open it. After Kindle Create imports the file, it will automatically find and format the chapter titles.

list of detected chapter titles in Kindle Create

Make sure the chapters Kindle Create found are correct. When you're done, click Accept Selected. This formats your chapter titles and adds them to the Kindle TOC. You can split, merge, or rearrange chapters as needed. Next, save your file. This is a work file (in KCB format) you can use to update your book later. Learn more about creating projects and tables of contents.

Step 4

Add table of contents page (optional)

To add a table of contents (TOC) page, click your first chapter in the Contents pane, click Insert, and choose Table of Contents. A list of detected chapter titles will appear.

list of chapter titles for table of contents in Kindle Create

If everything looks how you want it to, click OK. The TOC page will be added to your book. The TOC page is automatically updated as you add or remove chapters. When you change your chapter titles, the TOC updates automatically to match the new text.

Step 5

Style the title page

The title page of the sample file is unformatted. To style it:

  1. Click the thumbnail of the title page.
  2. Click next to the title.
  3. Go to the Text Properties pane.
  4. Find the Book Title button.

    book title button in text properties pane

  5. Click Book Title to apply the style. Here's what it looks like before and after:

title page without style
title page with style

To style the author name, repeat these steps, but this time click the Author Name button.

Step 6

Style chapter title pages

When you accept the chapter title pages Kindle Create detects, the tool automatically styles the chapter titles. To apply drop caps and add spacing between the chapter title and first paragraph:

  1. Click next to the first word of your chapter's body text.
  2. Go to the Text Properties pane.
  3. Click the Chapter First Paragraph button.

Here's what it looks like before and after:

Chapter title page without style
Chapter title page with style

You can also format other text like indents, spacing, font face, and size. You can also add a separator between sections of a chapter. Here's what a separator looks like in Pride and Prejudice:

page with separator applied

Experiment with the different elements and formatting options in the Text Properties pane. When you style the chapters of your own book, you need to repeat these steps for each chapter. Learn more about formatting text.

Step 7

Choose a theme

Give your book the right look and feel by applying a theme that automatically updates the layout and font.

The Modern theme is the default. To change it, click the Theme button in the upper right-hand corner of Kindle Create. You have four options: Modern, Classic, Cosmos, and Amour. Here's what they look like when applied to Pride and Prejudice:

Chapter tile page in Modern theme in Kindle Create

Chapter tile page in Classic theme in Kindle Create
Chapter tile page in Cosmos theme in Kindle Create
Chapter tile page in Amour theme in Kindle Create

Step 8

Insert an image

To insert the sample image into Pride and Prejudice:

  1. Right-click where you want to insert the image.
  2. Click Insert Image in the menu that appears.
  3. Find the sample image file on your computer and open it. This inserts the image into your book.

After you insert the image, you can change its size and position. For example, to put the image on the left margin and have the text wrap around it, go to the Image Properties pane and click the left position icon:

Image inserted in Kindle Create

Image inserted in Kindle Create
Image inserted and positioned to the left in Kindle Create

If it's a small image like the one in our example, it will become blurry if you increase the size too much. Play with the options to see what looks best. Learn more about inserting images.

Step 9

Insert hyperlinks

With Kindle Create, you can insert hyperlinks to webpages. A common reason for inserting hyperlinks is to create an "Other Books by This Author" page, where you can link to other books you published on Amazon.

There's an "Other Books by This Author" page at the end of our Pride and Prejudice file. Say you want to link to Jane Austen's other books on Amazon.

  1. Scroll all the way to the end of the book in Kindle Create.
  2. Click next to "Other Books by This Author."

    Other books by this author page at end of book

  3. Go to the Text Properties pane.
  4. Under Elements, click Chapter Title. This adds a page break and styles the title.

    Other books by this author page without hyperlinked titles

  5. Highlight all the book titles.
  6. Click Formatting in the Text Properties pane.
  7. Under Paragraph, click the center alignment icon.

    Text alignment icon in Kindle Create

  8. Highlight the first title, Sense and Sensibility.
  9. Right-click and then click Insert Hyperlink in the menu that appears.
  10. Enter a webpage address and click Insert Hyperlink.

    Other books by this author page with hyperlinked title

To finish this page, you'd repeat for the steps for all titles. Learn more about inserting, editing, and removing hyperlinks.

Step 10

Preview and export file

After you finish formatting your book, you can preview it in Kindle Create to see what it would like look on a tablets, E-readers, and phones.

To preview your book, click the Preview button in the upper right-hand corner of Kindle Create. Here's a preview of our Pride and Prejudice file:

Preview of book in Kindle Create

When you're happy with your book, then you're ready to export the file. To export Pride and Prejudice, you would click the Publish button in the upper right-hand corner of Kindle Create. This creates a publishable file (in KPF format) that can be uploaded to KDP.

Learn more about previewing and publishing books prepared with Kindle Create.

You're done! Thanks for testing out Kindle Create. Now try it on your book! If you still have questions, check out our help pages.

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