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Kindle Store: BR - BR Tax Withholding

Tax Rates for Publishers Residing in Brazil

Payments to individual publishers who reside in Brazil are subject to Brazilian tax withholding (IRRF) if the publishers' monthly payment reaches the minimum threshold. The BR withholding tax rate will vary based on the total monthly payment amount. See the chart below for the monthly taxable bands and current corresponding withholding. 

Note: Individuals considered Brazilian for tax purposes are subject to withholding tax even if the address of residence is no longer a Brazilian address.

Monthly taxable basis of tax due (in BRL) Rate (in %) Deduction (in BRL)
Up to 1.903,98--
Between 1,903.99 and 2,826.657.5142.8
Between 2,826.66 and 3,751.0515354.8
Between 3,751.06 and 4,664.6822.5636.13
Above 4,664.6927.5869.36
For example, if a publisher were to earn 5,000 BRL from sales in Amazon.com.br, the following are typical calculations made on those earnings:
IRRF = (basis * rate) - deduction
IRRF = (5,000 * 27.5%) - 869.36
IRRF = 1,375 - 869.36
IRRF = 505.64
The publisher would typically receive a net amount of 4,494.36 BRL (5,000 - 505.64 = 4,494.36 BRL).

Tax Rates for Publishers Not Residing in Brazil

For most countries of residence, a 15% withholding rate applies to sales made in the Brazilian marketplace. The following countries have an exception rate.

Country Rate Country Rate
American Samoa25%Liberia25%
Antigua and Barbuda25%Madeira Island25%
Ascension Island25%Marshall Islands25%
Bermuda Islands25%Niue Island25%
British Virgin Islands25%Norfolk Island25%
Campione D'Italia25%Pitcairn Island25%
Cayman Islands25%Qeshm Island25%
Channel Islands25%Republic of Costa Rica25%
Commonwealth of the Bahamas25%Saint Helena25%
Cook Islands25%Saint Lucia25%
Curaçao25%Saint Vincent and the Grenadines25%
Cyprus25%San Marino25%
Djibouti25%San Martin25%
France10%Solomon Islands25%
French Polynesia25%South Africa10%
Grenada25%Sultanate of Oman25%
Hong Kong25%Swaziland25%
Islands of Saints Peter and Miguel25%Tristan da Cunha25%
Isle of Man25%Turkey10%
Israel10%Turks and Caicos Islands25%
Kiribati25%US Virgin Islands25%
Labuan25%Western Samoa25%

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