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Print Book Pricing Page

Last Updated: April 27, 2022

This Pricing Page changed on the date listed above. Print books include paperback and hardcover books. 

1. Royalties

A. Available sales territories This Royalty will apply to sales of your Print Book to customers in any territory.
B. Royalty rate 60% for standard distribution; 40% for Expanded Distribution

Learn more about how to enroll your Print Book in Expanded Distribution.

Note: Expanded Distribution is not available for hardcover books.
i. Royalty calculation The Royalty Rate multiplied by the Print Book's List Price, less Printing Costs.

For sales through standard distribution channels: (60% Royalty Rate x List Price) – Printing Costs = Royalty
For sales through Expanded Distribution channels: (40% Royalty Rate x List Price) – Printing Costs = Royalty

C. Printing costs Printing costs vary depending on your Print Book's page count and the ink type (black ink or color ink) you choose. Trim size, bleed settings, and cover finish don't affect printing cost.

Printing cost also includes a per-book fixed cost and additional per-page costs, which vary depending on which Amazon marketplace (website) your book was ordered from. To see what the fixed costs and per-page costs are for each marketplace where KDP Print Books are currently sold, please review Paperback Printing Cost and Hardcover Printing Cost.

Printing costs are calculated by adding the applicable fixed cost from the page linked above to the product of your page count multiplied by the applicable per page cost:

Fixed Cost + (Page Count * Per Page Cost) = Printing Cost

D. Matching competitor prices If we price-match your Print Book, we will calculate your Royalty in the same manner described in Section B(i) above.

By "price-match," we mean where we sell the Print Book in one or more of the Available Sales Territories at a price (net of taxes) that is below the List Price to match a third party's sales price for any physical edition of the Print Book in any territory.

Royalty and printing cost calculation: When calculating Printing costs and Royalties, we will round the cost to 2 decimal places for all currencies except JPY, which will be rounded to the whole number.

2. Royalty calculation example

  • US Dollar VAT-exclusive List Price = $9.99
  • Your book is a 300-page black ink paperback sold on the US marketplace
  • Your Royalty per sale to a customer from Amazon.com is:

    (0.60 x $9.99) - $4.45 = $1.54
    (Royalty Rate x List Price) – Printing Costs = Royalty
    Applicable Printing Cost calculation: $0.85 (Fixed Cost) + (300 (Page Count) * $0.012 (Per Page Cost)) = $4.45 (Printing Cost)

3. When we pay you

You will be paid Royalties due on paperback and hardcover book sales every month (1) approximately 60 days following the end of the calendar month during which the sales were made through standard Amazon distribution channels and (2) approximately 90 days after the end of the calendar month during which the sales were made through Expanded Distribution channels.

4. Setting your list price

You will provide us with a list price (excluding tax) for each printed book. This means VAT (Value Added Tax in Europe), GST (Goods and Services Tax in Australia) and JCT (Consumption Tax in Japan) should not be included in your list price.  Amazon will add the applicable taxes to either the list price or checkout depending on the marketplace. The List Price for the corresponding Digital and Print editions of your Book may be different, but must each comply with any pricing requirements applicable to them. 

5. Other pricing terms

i. Minimum and Maximum List Prices: Print Books must have list prices within the minimum and maximum List Price range:

  • The minimum List Price for your Print Book must be equal to its Printing Cost / 60%. Find out more about Printing Costs by reading Section C above.
  • The maximum List Price for your Print Book is 250 USD (Amazon.com), 350 CAD (Amazon.ca), 250 EUR (Amazon.de, Amazon.es, Amazon.fr, Amazon.it, and Amazon.nl), 250 GBP (Amazon.co.uk), 350 AUD (Amazon.com.au), 30,000 JPY (Amazon.co.jp), 1,200 PLN (Amazon.pl), or 2,500 SEK (Amazon.se).

ii. Price Matching Determinations: If you notify us through Contact Us (by selecting Pricing, and then Price Matching) that you believe we have made an error in price-matching your Print Book, we will review the issue and make best efforts to correct the error, if any, going forward as soon as practicable.

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