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Supported Languages

You can upload your books with content and metadata written in the supported languages listed below.

Tips for eBooks:
  • Content uploaded in an eBook-only language cannot be converted into a paperback book.
  • eBook content uploaded in an unsupported language won’t display properly on Kindle devices and will be removed from sale.
  • Select the language in your Bookshelf that matches the language of the written content to prevent file rejection.
Tips for paperbacks:
  • Content uploaded in a paperback-only language cannot be converted into a Kindle eBook or hardcover book.
We’re continually working on ways to support more languages. You can follow our Community forums for the latest KDP news.

Afrikaans Alsatian Arabic (eBook only)
Basque Bokmål Norwegian Breton
Catalan Chinese (Traditional) (eBook only) Cornish
Corsican Danish Dutch/Flemish
Eastern Frisian English Finnish
French Frisian Galician
German Gujarati (eBook only) Hebrew (paperback only)
Hindi (eBook only) Icelandic Irish
Italian Japanese (eBook and paperback only)
Latin (paperback and hardcover only)
Luxembourgish Marathi (eBook only) Malayalam (eBook only)
Manx Northern Frisian Norwegian
Nynorsk Norwegian Polish (paperback and hardcover only) Portuguese
Provençal Romansh Scots
Scottish Gaelic Spanish Swedish
Tamil (eBook only) Ukrainian (paperback and hardcover only) Welsh
Yiddish (paperback and LTR hardcover only)

To learn more, read specific guidelines for publishing books in these languages:

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