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4 – Title Setup: Book Details, Content, & Pricing

In this section, we’ll walk you through each page of the Title Setup process – Details, Content, and Rights & Pricing.

Before you begin, refer to our Manual Review Checklist to double-check your manuscript and cover files are ready for upload.

Jumpstart Tip

If you plan to publish your books in multiple formats (eBook and print formats), you’ll need to complete title setup for each format. It’s important the Details you enter in 4.1 Details (e.g., Language, Title, Author, etc.) are exactly the same for each format you submit.

If your book details don’t match across formats, you may have to republish one of the formats as a new edition in order to link them. It will save you time to ensure your details match as you go through each Title Setup to avoid taking further action to link your books in future.

For example, if the Author Name is “Jon Amazon” for your eBook format and “Jon M. Amazon” for your print book formats, we will be unable to link all formats to the same Amazon detail page.

When your book details match exactly, Amazon automatically attempts to link each available format to the same Amazon detail page. This helps readers more easily find your book and purchase in their preferred format. For more information, visit Link Your Books Together.

What you’ll need:
  • Your fully formatted interior manuscript
  • Your fully formatted cover file and/or images you will need to build your cover
  • ISBN information and imprint information (if you intend to use your own ISBN)

4.1 Details

The first page of Title Setup is the Details page. Refer to the guidance in this section to fill out the Details page. When you’re done, you can Save as Draft, or Save and Continue, and jump to 4.2 Content.

Book details describe your book to readers. They are attributes such as title, author name, description, and category. The details you'll enter here are used to create your book's Amazon detail page.

For in-depth guidance, visit Enter book details. If you have more Details questions, visit our Book Detail Resources page.

Jumpstart Tip

Once your book is published, many of the details you entered during title setup can’t be changed. Make sure to double check the details you enter are correct and final. To review what details can’t be changed after publishing, visit Update Your Book Details.

Once you complete the Details page, you can select Save as Draft if you need to return to the process later. Click Save and Continue if you’re ready to move on to 4.2 Content.

4.2 Content

The second page of Title Setup is the Content page. Refer to the guidance in this section to fill out the Content page. When you’re done, you can Save as Draft, or Save and Continue, and jump to 4.3 Rights & Pricing.

Print ISBN. Visit International Standard Book Number for guidance on entering the ISBN. If you selected Low-Content book during 4.1 Details, you won’t be eligible for a free KDP ISBN.

Publication Date. Enter the date on which your book was first published. Leave this blank if you are publishing your book for the first time. A publication date is not required for eBooks.

Release Date. Choose when to make your book available on Amazon. To learn more, visit Release Date Options.

Print Options. Applicable for print books only. Select your preferred ink and paper type, trim size, bleed settings, and cover finish. The availability of these options will vary, depending on the format you’ve selected (paperback or hardcover). To check all the available selections, visit Print Options.

Jumpstart Tip

If even one page in your interior manuscript requires bleed, select Bleed (PDF Only) in this section. Refer to the Print section of 2 – Prepare Your Manuscript, to ensure your manuscript is sized properly to account for bleed. If your manuscript isn’t sized properly for bleed, it will be rejected during quality review, and you’ll be required to correct your manuscript before it can be published.

Manuscript. Upload the manuscript you prepared during 2 – Prepare Your Manuscript. This step may take several minutes to complete. You can make updates to your manuscript later, but it will be locked for revisions during quality review. We’ll discuss review further in 5 – Publishing & Review.

Jumpstart Tip

KDP only supports uploads of book files and cover files to your KDP account through a computer (either desktop or laptop). While this may work for some mobile devices, we do not recommend using them.

Cover. If you used Cover Creator to prepare your cover during 3 – Prepare Your Cover, you can make any final revisions by clicking Launch Cover Creator. If you opted to prepare your own cover file, you can upload your Print-Ready PDF cover file. You’ll be prompted to indicate if your cover file includes a barcode. If your cover file doesn’t have a barcode, KDP will place one automatically.

Jumpstart Tip

If you didn’t use Cover Creator, check your cover file to ensure all text on the cover is legible and the file is high-resolution. Make sure there isn’t any text in the barcode area that will be obscured when the bar code is added.

Preview and Quality Check. Click the Launch Previewer button to review your file to check for formatting or print quality issues. This step is required. Even though it’s time-consuming, we recommend checking each page to see how your book will look on devices or in print. If you spot any errors, correct them in your manuscript and reupload before you proceed. This will save time, as KDP will review your manuscript and reach out to you to correct any errors prior to publishing.

Note: If you make updates to your book in the future, you’ll need to approve the changes in Previewer each time.

Once you complete the Content page, you can select Save as Draft if you need to return to the process later. Click Save and Continue if you’re ready to move on to 4.3 Rights & Pricing.

4.3 Rights & Pricing

The final page of Title Setup is the Rights & Pricing page. Refer to the guidance in this section to fill out the Rights & Pricing page. At the end of this section, we’ll cover finalizing Title Setup and submitting your book for publication.

Jumpstart Tip

In this section of Title Setup, you’ll supply information about your rights to publish your book. For answers to frequently asked questions about intellectual property rights, visit Intellectual Property Rights Frequently Asked Questions.

KDP Select Enrollment. This is only applicable for eBooks. KDP Select is a free 90-day program that gives you the opportunity to reach more readers through Kindle promotions. All authors, regardless of where they live, are eligible. If you think your eBook might be a good fit for KDP Select, visit KDP Select for more information.

Territories. Refer to Paperback and Hardcover Distribution Rights for print title guidance, and eBook Distribution Rights for eBooks.

If you’re publishing a public domain title, refer to Publishing Public Domain Content.

Pricing, royalty, and distribution. Refer to Price Your Book for details on setting your list price. Don’t worry, you can make changes to your book’s list price later.

Jumpstart Tip

Your book's list price can’t be set as free.
We’ll discuss payment of royalties in 6 – Promoting Your Book & Getting Paid.

Jumpstart Tip

Book prices are subject to price matching. The price at which we sell your Book may not be the same as your list price. For further information, visit Pricing Resources.

Pre-order Terms. Pre-orders are only offered for eBooks. These terms apply if you’ve selected to make your eBook available for pre-order. For more information, visit Kindle eBook Pre-order.

Terms & Conditions. When you submit your book for publishing, you’re agreeing your book is in compliance with KDP Terms and Conditions and KDP Content Guidelines.

Request a book proof. This is only applicable for print books. You can get a physical copy of your book to check for printing errors, and to confirm you’re satisfied with the quality. To learn more, visit Proof and Author Copies.

Once you complete the Rights & Pricing page, you can select Save as Draft to return to the process later. While your book is in Draft status, you can continue to make changes.

Important: Once you click Publish Your Book, the review process begins. You won’t be able to make any changes while your book is In Review. Your review can’t be cancelled or expedited. For guidance on review timing, visit Timelines.

Click the Publish Your Book button once your book Details, Content, and Pricing selections are final, and you’re ready to submit your book for 5 – Publishing & Review.

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