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Pricing Resources

The last thing to do before publishing your book is to set your book's price. For eBooks, KDP offers two different royalty plans to choose from. A royalty plan is simply how much percentage profit you will make from each sale of your book. However, if you indicated that your eBook is a public domain work earlier in the setup, your book will be ineligible for the higher eBook royalty plan. There will only be a printing cost associated with your book if it is a paperback or hardcover.

Note: For paperbacks sold through Expanded Distribution, the royalty rate is 40%. Expanded Distribution allows you to reach more readers by distributing your paperback to bookstores, libraries, etc. Learn more about this feature by visiting our Expanded Distribution page.

Expanded Distribution is not available for hardcover.

The “Royalty and Pricing” section of the setup will show you how much you can expect to earn with each sale. Keep in mind that you may change your book’s pricing information at any time. To learn more about pricing and to see our recommendations, visit our various pricing resources linked below.

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