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What is my tax account status?

You may see these tax statuses in the “Tax Information” section of your KDP Account page:


U.S. tax regulations require Amazon to request information about your tax identity under U.S. law. Your tax status shows “Incomplete” if required U.S. tax identity information is not submitted, completed, or validated. Please complete your tax information in the online tax interview as soon as possible, since you cannot begin publishing or selling books in the Kindle store or update existing books without a validated document.

You submitted tax information and it is under review by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). You cannot change or update your tax information during this time. We will let know you by email if further information is necessary.

Tax information submitted for your account does not match Internal Revenue Service (IRS) records. You must resubmit updated tax through the Tax Interview within 30 days for your account to stay in good standing. (See below for troubleshooting ideas.)

A complete status means your KDP account is in good standing and you may continue to publish new books and edit existing ones. You will see the date you submitted your tax identity information and applicable withholding rate in this status.

Under Evaluation
We are currently evaluating whether we have valid tax information on file for your account. We will let you know if more information is necessary. If you have not previously submitted tax information, please complete it as soon as possible.

Processing Paper Forms
You've mailed us your paper tax forms, which can take 5-6 weeks to receive and process. If your information changes while your forms are processing, you can submit your form electronically by providing your consent to electronic submission in the tax interview, which will expedite processing.

Reasons for an Invalid Status

Amazon does not have insight into the details of why information is invalid, but here are some common issues to watch out for:

• If you are submitting a Social Security Number (SSN), use the same name format that appears on your Social Security card.
• If you are submitting an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), use the number issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
• If you are submitting an Employer Identification Number (EIN), use the exact same name that appears on the first line of the address header on your Notice CP575A from the IRS.
• Misspelling your name, not including your middle initial or middle name, or entering an incorrect Taxpayer Identification Number may cause a mismatch between your tax identity information and IRS Records.

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