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Enhanced Typesetting

Enhanced typesetting is a series of typographical and layout enhancements applied to reflowable formats to improve the display and readability of content across Kindle reading platforms.

Reflowable format

Enhanced typesetting is applied only to reflowable format Kindle books (uploaded in EPUB, MOBI, DOC, DOCX, or HTML). We're continuously working to make enhanced typesetting compatible with more titles and will automatically enable enhancements for your book when possible. If enabled for your book, you'll see "Enhanced Typesetting: Enabled" on that book's detail page.

Enhanced typesetting is enabled on the following Kindle devices and applications:
  • Kindle E-readers 6th generation and newer
  • Fire tablets 3rd generation and newer
  • Kindle for iOS v4.9 or newer (iOS Versions: iOS 7, iOS 8 and iOS 9)
  • Kindle for Android v4.18.0 or newer (Android Versions: Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, and Marshmallow)
To find out what generation your Kindle E-reader or Fire tablet:If your device doesn't support enhanced typesetting features, and your book's source content was uploaded in EPUB, MOBI and HTMLformats, you can use Kindle Previewer 3 Beta (currently only available in English) to preview how your book will look before you publish.

For more information on enhanced typesetting, please see Appendix A of the Kindle Publishing Guidelines and Enhanced Typesetting for Better Reading.

Enhanced Typesetting Optimization Features

Drop Caps
Drop caps adapt their line height automatically no matter the screen or font size readers prefer.

Images in your book are optimized to work with all font sizes for reading devices of all screen sizes.
  • Images that accompany text in  paragraphs (inline images) scale with text when the device's font size is changed.
  • Images between paragraphs (block images) occupy the same percentage of the screen's width across all devices, font sizes, and device orientations so that they'll always appear at the same width of the screen size irrespective of the device used.
  • Images to the left or right of paragraphs (float images) in books automatically change to block images at larger font sizes to provide a better reader experience.

Font sizes and line height
Font sizes and line heights optimize throughout the book if a large majority of text deviates from the standard font size.

For books uploaded in EPUB, MOBI and HTML, you can find further information about the standard font sizes in section 9.3.1 of our Kindle Publishing Guidelines.

Margins and padding
To ensure Kindle users' selected margin settings are maintained across titles, margins are optimized within the content if there's a left or right margin applied to content within the source content.

Font colors
With Enhanced Typesetting, Kindle readers can be sure that any text of any color that appears above any background color will be legible. Font colors will adapt automatically to provide sufficient contrast with either the device color theme chosen by the reader or to the background color of any page-level element.

Improved hyphenation and justification
Enhanced typesetting books have hyphenation algorithms that work  with justification enhancements for more consistent word spacing, which reduces eyestrain and increases reading speed. Additionally, justified text at larger font sizes  automatically displays as left-aligned when it becomes impossible to maintain  layouts with hyphenation and white space adjustments alone.

Kerning and ligatures
Character placement, or kerning, is increased word recognition speed at any font size. In addition, some fonts define special character combinations for adjacent characters like "fi", called ligatures that improve the readability of words containing them.

Paragraph spacing for a better reading experience
Enhanced Typesetting books optimize the spacing between indented paragraphs to provide a consistent reading experience.

For more details on Enhanced Typesetting, please refer to Appendix A of our Kindle Publishing Guidelines and Enhanced Typesetting for Better Reading.

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