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Modify Converted Content

Once you've uploaded your book, you may want to make changes to the file.

KDP compresses your book content file into a ZIP file which contains an HTML file of your text content, as well as any included images. You can download and unzip the ZIP file, edit the HTML file, then re-zip and re-upload the book content file.

Make sure the HTML file and included images are is in a single folder in the ZIP file, without any content in sub-folders.

We recommend opening your HTML file in Word to make changes. If you have extensive HTML knowledge, you can also modify the HTML file using an HTML editor of your choice.

To download your book content file:

1. In the Bookshelf, click the ellipsis button ("...") under the Book Actions menu next to your book.
2. Select "Edit book content."
3. Under the Downloadable Preview Options, click "Preview on your computer" and follow the steps to download your book file.
4. Choose a location on your hard drive to which to save the ZIP file, then click "Save."

To edit your HTML file:

1. Navigate to the location where you saved the downloaded ZIP file above.
2. Unzip the ZIP file and save your HTML file to your hard drive.
3. Open and edit the HTML file with Microsoft Word or an HTML editor of your choice.
4. Save the HTML file when you are finished editing.

For additional guidance, visit our Publishing Guidelines. NOTE: The Kindle Publishing Guidelines offer detailed descriptions of audio and video content, which many Kindle devices and apps support. Kindle Direct Publishing, however, does not currently support audio and video content.

To re-upload your content:

1. Re-zip your edited HTML file with any included images. Make sure all the images and HTML files are in a single folder, without any content in sub-folders.
2. Click the ellipsis button ("...") under the Book Actions menu next to your book and select "Edit book content."
3. Under the Manuscript header, click "Upload your manuscript." 
4. Browse to the ZIP file, which now contains your modified HTML file.
5. Click "Upload Book."
6. Click "Save and Continue."

If you're updating published content, you'll need to click through to the book pricing & promotion page, then click the button to publish your changes at the bottom of the page (or click "Save for Later").

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