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Paperback Reporting (Beta)

Sales Dashboard Report

You can visit your Sales Dashboard to see a report of your total Paperback Units Shipped. You'll also see a Paperback Royalty column on your Royalties Earned table showing print royalties earned in each marketplace.

To see how many books you sold on a given date, select the date and then click "Update Report." To clear the data and view only your Paperback Units Shipped, select "paperback" from the Format filter on the Sales Dashboard.

You can also use the timeframe filtering options or calendar view to display custom dates (such as a week or month of sales).

Sales & Royalty Report

To download your Sales & Royalty Report, you can click "Generate Report" from your Sales Dashboard. This report will generate based on the timeframe and format you select.

In the Sales & Royalty Report, you'll see details on royalties earned from unit sales of your paperbacks on the "Paperback Royalty Report" tab, such as net units sold, printing costs, Amazon websites your books are sold in, and royalties earned in the corresponding currencies. The "Digital Royalty Report" tab contains details on digital royalties earned and net units sold.

Your Sales & Royalty Report will also include a "Paperback Orders Report" tab, where you can view a list of units sold for each paperback title. The "Digital Orders Report" tab contains a list of eBook units sold by title.

Prior Months' Royalties Report

Your Prior Months' Royalties Report contains a "Paperback Royalties" tab, which generates in the middle of each month and includes sales from the prior month.

Example: Royalties from sales during the month of June (June 1-30) will show up on your Prior Months' Royalties Report in the middle of July (the following month).

The Prior Months' Royalties Report functions as your monthly royalty statement, showing summaries of previous months' royalties earned from both print and digital sales of your books. The report downloads in an Excel-friendly format so you can filter and sort your sales data, and you can access historical reports going back for 12 months.

Month-to-Date Unit Sales Report

To view month-to-date print unit sales, set the "Select Format" filter on your Month-to-Date Unit Sales Report.

Payments Report

The Payments Report includes the "Accrued Royalty" column, which shows the sum of your paperback and eBook royalties (as summarized in the Prior Months' Royalties Report) for the corresponding sales period. You can filter this report by marketplace, sales period and payment status.

You'll see details on your payment amounts and how they were calculated, as well as any applicable deductions (tax withholding) or adjustments.

Toward the end of each month, we'll send you a payment notification email letting you know we've updated your Payments Report with new payment information.

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