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Account Features

You can enter book details, upload your book file, manage sales reports and update account information in your Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Bookshelf.


You can use your Bookshelf to add new titles for publication and update an existing title’s details, including description, contributor, category, cover image, content rights, royalty option and list price. If you would like to remove a previously published title from Amazon, you can unpublish it from your Bookshelf. If your book has never been published, you will have the option to delete it.

You can sort and filter your books using the "Sort by" and "Filter by" dropdowns at the top of your Bookshelf. If you would like to search your content you can do so by keyword; this feature saearches description, title, status, and author name fields of the form.

The status column in the content list tells you where your book is within the publishing cycle:

Blocked - Your title has been made unavailable for further editing either due to your request or due to a problem related to the book's content.
In Review - We are currently reviewing your book file prior to publishing it to the Kindle Store.
Publishing - Your book has completed review and will be live in the Kindle Store shortly.
Live - Your book has been published and is available in the Kindle Store.
Draft - Your book file has been uploaded or changes made, but are not yet published.
Pre-order - See our pre-order status page for a complete list of pre-order statuses.

To see links to your book's detail pages on different Kindle Stores worldwide, hover over the "View on Amazon" link on your Bookshelf.

By default, we sort your list of books by the date they were Last Modified. You can change how your Bookshelf is sorted by using the "Sort by" dropdown at the top of your Bookshelf. You can then sort alphabetically by title or by contributors. You can also sort by price (highest-lowest, or vice versa), or by the date on which your title was submitted or last modified (oldest-newest, or vice-versa).

To edit a title or publish changes, click the ellipsis button ("...") under the Book Actions menu next to the title you want to edit and select "Edit Details." Only titles in "Live" or "Draft" status may be edited.

To edit price or royalty plan, click the ellipsis button under the Book Actions menu and select “Edit Rights, Royalty, and Pricing.” You can also use the Book Actions menu to enroll your title in benefits and merchandising programs like KDP Select or Matchbook. For titles already enrolled in these programs, you can use the links in Book Actions menu to view relevant KDP Select information as well as to manage your promotions.


There are several types of Reports available in your KDP account, along with a Sales Dashboard that summarizes orders and royalties in one view.

While we don’t currently offer a year-to-date sales report, you may create one by accessing and consolidating your Prior Months' Royalties reports.

For more information on how royalty payments are calculated, see our Price Requirements and Terms & Conditions.


The KDP Community Discussion Boards offer a friendly environment where you can discuss any aspect of your project, from creation to marketing and everything in between. It is a place where you can freely exchange thoughts, ideas, knowledge and opinions with other authors and publishers.

KDP Select

When you enroll in KDP Select and make your title exclusive to the Kindle Store, your book is eligible for distribution through Kindle Unlimited (KU) and the Kindle Owners' Lending Library (KOLL), where you can earn a share of the KDP Select Global Fund based on how frequently the book is read. Each time a KU or KOLL customer reads pages in your book for the first time, you'll qualify for a share of the fund. Plus, earn 70% royalty for sales to customers in Japan, India, Mexico, and Brazil. In addition, you can choose to promote your book using Kindle Countdown Deals (time-bound promotional discounting for your book while earning royalties), or Free Book Promotion (readers worldwide can get your book free for a limited time).

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