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Marketing my Book


You can increase the visibility of your book(s) in the Kindle Store by adding additional "Search Keywords" to your titles. "Search Keywords" may be updated at the title level in your KDP account, and we recommend choosing up to five keywords that relate to content of your book. Try to avoid using vague keywords. For example, a book titled "America’s National Parks" may gain visibility with the keywords "Yellowstone" and "Grand Teton", but not "Parks."

To change the keywords of your title, please follow the steps below.

1. Log in to KDP at https://kdp.amazon.com/
2. Click on the "Actions" button for book you'd like to update, and then click on "Edit book details"
3. Under the keywords section, make the necessary edits
4. Go to the bottom of the page and click "Save and Continue"
5. Confirm that you have all rights to publish by clicking on the box at the bottom
6. Click on "Save & Publish"

Note: If your item has already been published, updated details may take up to 24 hours to reflect on the website.

Browse Categories

Selecting a browse category for your book is a lot like deciding where your book should be shelved in a library. When customers browse through the Amazon Kindle Store for books that might interest them, they are presented with genres and subgenres. By selecting browse categories, you decide which genres feature your book. When creating a new title in KDP, you may choose up to 2 categories for your book. To help determine which categories best fit your book, you may consider searching for other titles in the Amazon catalog that are similar to yours. You can then find the browse categories that are assigned to those titles by scrolling down the book’s detail page to the “Look for Similar Items by Category” section located at the bottom of the page.

To update the Categories for your book:

1. Log in to your KDP account at http://kdp.amazon.com
2. Select the "Actions" drop-down menu next to the relevant title and choose "Edit book details".
3. Scroll down to "Browse and Search" and click "Add Categories".
4. Select up to two Categories from table on left; these will be added to Selected Categories on right. (To remove a Category, check the box next to it and click "Remove Category".)
5. Click "Save" once Category selections are complete.
6. Scroll to bottom of page and click "Save and Continue".

You'll then be redirected to "Rights & Pricing" where you'll need to reconfirm Content Rights, and click "Save and Publish" at the bottom of the screen. Changes will take effect on the web site within 72 hours.

For information on Keywords, Browse Categories, and other ways to promote your book please visit our Merchandising help page.

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