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Translation Resources

Professional translation services are available to publishers who are interested in translating their KDP work into other languages, further widening their global audience. All translated books will need to be published as new ASINs.

Finding a Translator for Your Desired Language

This site lists several associations in Europe that may help you find freelancers to translate your work. You may need to use an online translation site or browser plugin to navigate the freelancers' websites, since they're generally displayed in their native language.

Some Things to Consider

Here are a few questions you may want to ask a freelancer to help make a decision:

• How long will the translation take?
• How much will the translation cost?
• Are they a native speaker of the desired language? (Keep in mind, translators generally translate into their native language.)
• Will they need specialized knowledge to translate my book, i.e. computer skills?
• What other books have they translated? Can they provide a resume or curriculum vitae?
• Do they work with an editor as part of the translation?
• What are the payment terms?
• Who will hold copyright of the translated work?

Words from Authors Who've Translated Their Work

Here are some testimonials from KDP authors who have had their works translated:
My Spanish translation of Area 51 is selling well on Amazon ES and also in the United States. I'm currently having over a dozen titles translated into Spanish, German and Italian and plan on expanding that list. As Kindle sales increase in those countries, I know I will see exponential growth in the marketplace.
-Bob Mayer, best-selling KDP author

In the digital era, non-English readers are just a button-click away. All you need are qualified, willing translators who see the opportunities in the new publishing era. I pay my translators a royalty percent of my sales on the belief that we will reap long-term benefits together, and I have independently published 10 foreign editions of my books. As Amazon continues to expand into new countries and languages, my catalog and audience will grow as well. Plus it's fun and exciting to work with creative partners around the world. The way I look at it, I still have seven billion readers to meet, and Amazon is making it possible.
-Scott Nicholson, best-selling KDP author

I work hard to find a great team of translators and editors for each language, putting them together one by one via referrals from other writers and translators, and posting project proposals at companies like odesk.com and Craigslist. I hire a translator, 2 proofreaders, and a QA person for each language to try and make sure the translation is of the highest quality.

With regards to how long it takes per book that depends on the length of the book and each translator's schedule. Usually I will have a translation back within 4-12 weeks. The proofreaders then need the time to work on the book. I usually have future translations in progress while I am in the process of production on each title - making the foreign cover, assembling the foreign metadata, etc.

The price depends on length and language. I've paid between $1,000 and $5,000. Some languages are less expensive (Spanish, Portuguese) and some are much higher (Swedish and Japanese).

It is a very exciting process - I love seeing all the titles go up in each language and it's even more exciting when they start selling so well right out of the gate, as many of my self-published translated titles have been in the top 100 best seller lists at the Amazon stores in each country already! I have done German, French, Italian and Spanish so far. I will have Portuguese and Swedish out soon and am considering other languages as well.

-Bella Andre, best-selling KDP author

Keep in mind, the service descriptions above are based on public information available on the service providers’ websites. Amazon doesn't endorse or recommend any one company over the other.

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