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Biographies & Memoirs Keywords

In order for a title to appear in the Biographies & Memoirs sub-categories below, the title's search keywords must include at least one of the keywords or phrases listed next to the sub-category.

For authors in the UK: This category is known as "Biography & True Accounts," and includes keywords that apply only on Amazon.co.uk. They're noted at the bottom of the chart.

Biographies & Memoirs/Arts & Literature/Entertainers/Actors & Actressesactor, actors, actress, actresses
Biographies & Memoirs/Arts & Literature/Entertainers/Comedianscomedy, comedian, comedians
Biographies & Memoirs/Arts & Literature/Composers & Musicians/Punk Rockpunk rock, punk rocker
Biographies & Memoirs/Arts & Literature/Composers & Musicians/Rap & Hip-Hoprap, rapper, hip-hop, hip hop
Biographies & Memoirs/Arts & Literature/Movie Directorsfilm director, cinema director, movie director, motion picture director
Biographies & Memoirs/Historical/Africaafrica, african
Biographies & Memoirs/Historical/Asiaasia, asian
Biographies & Memoirs/Historical/Canadacanada, canadian
Biographies & Memoirs/Historical/Europe/Francefrance, french
Biographies & Memoirs/Historical/Europe/Generaleurope, european
Biographies & Memoirs/Historical/Europe/Germanygermany, german
Biographies & Memoirs/Historical/Europe/Greecegreece, greek
Biographies & Memoirs/Historical/Europe/Irelandireland, irish, celtic
Biographies & Memoirs/Historical/Europe/Italy & Romeitaly, italian, rome, roman
Biographies & Memoirs/Historical/Europe/Russiarussia, russian
Biographies & Memoirs/Historical/Europe/Spain & Portugalspain, spanish, portugal, portuguese
Biographies & Memoirs/Historical/Latin Americalatin america, latin american, mexico, mexican, south america, south american
Biographies & Memoirs/Historical/Middle Eastmiddle east, middle eastern, egypt, egyptian, iran, iranian, iraq, iraqi, israel, israeli, palestine, palestinian, syria, syrian, turkey, ottoman
Biographies & Memoirs/Historical/Military & Wars/Afghan & Iraq Wars/Afghan Warafghan war
Biographies & Memoirs/Historical/Military & Wars/Afghan & Iraq Wars/Iraq Wariraq war
Biographies & Memoirs/Historical/Military & Wars/American Civil Warcivil war
Biographies & Memoirs/Historical/Military & Wars/American Revolutionamerican revolution, american revolution war
Biographies & Memoirs/Historical/Military & Wars/Branches/Air Forceair force
Biographies & Memoirs/Historical/Military & Wars/Branches/Armyarmy
Biographies & Memoirs/Historical/Military & Wars/Branches/Marinesmarine, marines
Biographies & Memoirs/Historical/Military & Wars/Branches/Navynavy
Biographies & Memoirs/Historical/Military & Wars/Cold Warcold war
Biographies & Memoirs/Historical/Military & Wars/Vietnam Warvietnam war
Biographies & Memoirs/Historical/Military & Wars/World War Iworld war 1, world war I, WW1
Biographies & Memoirs/Historical/Military & Wars/World War IIworld war 2, world war II, WW2
Biographies & Memoirs/Leaders & Notable People/Presidents & Heads of State/British Prime Ministersunited kingdom prime minister, UK prime minister, U.K. prime minister, british prime minister, great britain prime minister
Biographies & Memoirs/Leaders & Notable People/Presidents & Heads of State/US Presidentsunited states president, US president, U.S. president, american president
Biographies & Memoirs/Leaders & Notable People/Religious/Buddhismbuddhist, buddhism
Biographies & Memoirs/Leaders & Notable People/Religious/Catholicismcatholic, catholicism
Biographies & Memoirs/Leaders & Notable People/Religious/Christianity
christian, christianity
Biographies & Memoirs/Leaders & Notable People/Religious/Hinduism
hindu, hinduism
Biographies & Memoirs/Leaders & Notable People/Religious/Islam
islam, islamic, islamist
Biographies & Memoirs/Leaders & Notable People/Religious/Judaismjudaism
Biographies & Memoirs/Sports & Outdoor/Baseball [alias]baseball
Biographies & Memoirs/Sports & Outdoor/Basketball [alias]basketball
Biographies & Memoirs/Sports & Outdoor/Boxing [alias]box, boxing
Biographies & Memoirs/Sports & Outdoor/Football [alias]football, american football
Biographies & Memoirs/Sports & Outdoor/Golf [alias]golf
Biographies & Memoirs/Sports & Outdoor/Hockey [alias]hockey
Biographies & Memoirs/Sports & Outdoor/Motor Sports [alias]motor sport, f1, formula 1, formula one, nascar, grand prix
Biographies & Memoirs/Sports & Outdoor/Rugby [alias]rugby
Biographies & Memoirs/Sports & Outdoor/Soccer [alias]
UK-specific keywords:
Biography & True Accounts/Arts & Literature/Composers & Musicians/Classicalclassic composer, classic music, classical composer, classicial music
Biography & True Accounts/Arts & Literature/Composers & Musicians/Country & Folk/Countrycountry music, country band, country artist
Biography & True Accounts/Arts & Literature/Composers & Musicians/Country & Folk/Folkfolk music, folk singer, folk artist, folk band
Biography & True Accounts/Arts & Literature/Composers & Musicians/Jazzjazz band, jazz artist, jazz music
Biography & True Accounts/Arts & Literature/Composers & Musicians/Poppop music, pop artist, pop band, pop singer
Biography & True Accounts/Arts & Literature/Composers & Musicians/Rhythm & Bluesr&b, r & b, rhythm & blues
Biography & True Accounts/Arts & Literature/Composers & Musicians/Rockrock & roll, rock music, rock band, rock genre
Biography & True Accounts/Arts & Literature/Dancersdancer, dancing, ballet, choreography, choreographer
Biography & True Accounts/Historical/Holocaustholocaust
Biography & True Accounts/Historical/Military & Wars/American Civil Waramerican civil war
Biography & True Accounts/Historical/Military & Wars/American Revolutionamerican revolution war
Biography & True Accounts/Historical/United Kingdombritish, scotland, scottish, north ireland, wales, welsh, united kingdom
Biography & True Accounts/Historical/United Statesunited states
Biography & True Accounts/Leaders & Notable People/Presidents & Heads of State/US PresidentsUS president, U.S. president, america president
Biography & True Accounts/Leaders & Notable People/Royalty/British Royaltybritish royalty, british monarchy, british king, british queen, british prince, british princess, british duchess, england royalty, england monarchy, england king, england queen, england prince, england princess, england duchess, english royalty, english monarchy, english king, english queen, english prince, english princess, english, duchess
Biography & True Accounts/Professionals & Academics/Astronautsastronaut, apollo, nasa
Biography & True Accounts/Regional U.K.british, scotland, scottish, north ireland, wales, welsh
Biography & True Accounts/Sport & Outdoor/American Football [alias]united states football, america football, american football
Biography & True Accounts/Sport & Outdoor/Football [alias]soccer, football
Biography & True Accounts/Sport & Outdoor/Motor Sports [alias]motor sport, motor sports, f1, formula one, formula 1, nascar, grand prix

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