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  1. Book Formatting

    To publish a book with Kindle Direct Publishing, we recommend formatting your manuscript and cover to our specifications. Full details and links to available resources are below. If you need specific instructions based on the word processor you’re using, please visit that company’s website for more resources (e.g. Microsoft Word, Google Docs, etc.). Paperback Formatting Paperbacks are books with

  2. Price Your Book

    After you enter your book details and upload your manuscript and cover, you'll set your list price. You can choose your list price at your discretion, but it must be within KDP’s range of minimum and maximum list prices. Contents eBooks Choose a royalty plan Set list prices Paperbacks and Hardcover Set list prices How to update your book’s price eBooks Choose a royalty plan: We offer two royalty

  3. Kindle eBook Pre-Order

    KDP allows you to set up pre-orders for your eBooks, so you can start promoting your book before it's released. You can also promote your eBook's pre-order page on Author Central, Goodreads, your own site, and elsewhere. Pre-orders will contribute toward sales rank and other Kindle Store merchandising even before your eBook's released, which can help more readers discover your book. Note: We

  4. Customer Reviews

    The Amazon Community team enables customer reviews, allowing customers to learn about other readers feedback about your books and make purchase decisions. Customers value unbiased book reviews. You're welcome to encourage others to read your book and post their reviews on its detail page. For more information visit Community Guidelines. Why aren't my book reviews showing up? I would like to

  5. Paperback Fonts

    What is the minimum font size? To ensure your book's text is legible, we require a minimum font size of 7 points. How should I choose a font? Times New Roman and Arial are popular, but there are other options. When choosing a font, look for something simple and easy to read long passages of. More elaborate fonts can be effective for headers and chapter titles but aren't recommended for body text.

  6. Create a Book

    KDP’s book setup makes it easy for you to upload, enter, and modify your book before publishing. The information you enter during this setup will be used in creating your book’s Amazon detail page. The detail page is where readers go to buy your book. If you want to sell your book as an eBook, hardcover, and paperback, be sure to create all formats in your KDP account and link them together.

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