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  1. Cover Creator

    Cover Creator templates allow you to choose an image from our image gallery or upload your own image ... : Back cover text and images Front cover and spine text Warning triangles Dotted lines in Cover ... Image. The author used his own high-resolution image. Font. "Obitron" for the front, back cover ... that they don’t obscure the key parts of the cover image. Romance Image. Chosen from the "Relationship ... " section of the Cover Creator image gallery. Font. "Great Vibes" for title and author name; "Poiret

  2. Reduce Your eBook Manuscript File Size

    a smooth conversion. Images The largest element of almost any eBook will be the image content. Inside ... your file, the Kindle book format supports JPEG and GIF images. Images in other formats KDP accepts ... (BMP, PNG) or images that exceed this file size requirement are automatically recompressed as JPEG ... files during conversion. For the best results, you'll need high-definition images with a file under ... 650MB. If you inserted images into your eBook in BMP or PNG format, you can decrease the size of your

  3. Prepare Reflowable and Print Books with Kindle Create

    text Add text Add or change images Add images Insert chapter start images Replace images Delete ... images Insert, edit, and remove hyperlinks Prepare your book for print Known issues: tables, lists ... the author About the author Short blurb and image of the author, used for marketing purposes Praise ... , lists, and inline images imported from your DOC(X) file cannot currently be edited in Kindle Create ... ). Add or change images Kindle Create provides support for inserting, resizing, and deleting images. You

  4. eBook Manuscript Formatting Guide

    ., if your book doesn't have images). After you format your manuscript in Word, add finishing touches ... your eBook, the footnotes will be automatically converted to endnotes. Insert images. We recommend ... inserting images with Kindle Create, which is explained in step 3 of this guide. Kindle Create can ... help you insert and edit the size and alignment of your images with preset options based ... on professional book layouts. Prefer to do it yourself? Here are our top tips for adding images in Word: Insert

  5. Guidelines for Converting XMDF to KF8

    Contents KindleGen Command Source Issues Poor Image Quality Blurred Gaiji Characters TOC Entries ... Images Images Not Shown In Separate Pages TOC Not Shown Large Amount of Text Is Not Centered Duplicate ... in our testing, Poor Image Quality Bad quality images will result in the cover or other image being ... displayed too small. To avoid this, provide good quality images. See quality requirements. Blurred ... images of at least 64 x 64 to avoid blurring. Requirements for Gaiji image files: Image format: PNG (8

  6. Table Guidelines - Reflowable

    for tabular content and not rendering tables as images. A table rendered as an image cannot be paginated ... because the entire image is displayed on one screen. Tables displayed as images cannot be read ... sizes. If the table must be rendered as an image, follow our image Guidelines and split tables ... as an image, but the image is still too large to be legible on one Kindle screen. In this case ... , it is a good idea to split the image. The following example is a guideline to use when splitting a 2-page

  7. Creating Fixed-Layout Books with Text Pop-Ups

    full-page images with text set precisely in relation to the background art, although this format ... will be suppressed. Contents Metadata Guidelines Cover Image Guidelines Text Guidelines Content Requirements HTML ... and CSS Guidelines Creating Fixed-Layout Books with Text Pop-Ups with Multipage Background Images ... , such as fixed layout books with image pop-ups or Virtual Panels. Metadata Description Layout can be specified ... values are children or comic. Cover Image Guidelines While Kindle books in reflowable format do

  8. Prepare Print Replica Books with Kindle Create

    hyperlinks Add pages Move pages Delete pages Audio, video, and image files Position icons with rulers ... and guidelines Add audio, video, and images Move audio, video, and image icons Re-size invisible audio ... buttons Edit title text, descriptions, and alternative text Replace an audio, video, or image file ... Delete an audio, video, or image file Create a project from a PDF On the Kindle Create launch screen ... . Audio, video, and image files Position icons with rulers and guidelines Rulers and guidelines make

  9. Build Your Book – Format a Paperback Manuscript (Pages for Mac)

    (advanced) Format chapter title pages (advanced) Add images (advanced) Create a table of contents (TOC ... paragraph that requires a drop cap to keep the same formatting. Add images (advanced) This step shows ... you how to insert images for books with and without bleed. It also shows you how to position ... and styles images. Before you insert images, make sure they are high resolution. Insert images for books ... without bleed Go to the area where you would like to add an image. Click Media and select Choose

  10. Kindle Create Tutorial

    (optional) Style chapter title pages Choose a theme Insert an image Insert hyperlinks Add back ... files Here's an unformatted Microsoft Word version of Pride and Prejudice and an image you'll insert ... in the available fields like Title, Subtitle, and add a publisher image (optional). Click Create Page ... to Pride and Prejudice: Modern Classic Cosmos Amour Insert an image To insert the sample image ... into Pride and Prejudice: Right-click where you want to insert the image. Click Insert Image in the menu

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