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There are six types of reports available in your KDP account, along with a Sales Dashboard that summarizes orders and royalties in one view. Click a link below to learn more about each type of report:
Sales Dashboard Use the dashboard to view a summary of units ordered and royalties earned for your titles.

Sales & Royalties Generate a detailed report to view sales and royalties from any marketplace and timeframe within the past 90 days.  

Prior Months' Royalties These reports show summaries of previous months' royalties earned, for the last 12 months. Reports are generated near the 15th day of each month and include sales that occurred within the prior month.  

Promotions This report includes the performance of your Kindle Countdown Deals promotions.

Payments This report includes the payment amounts, tax withholding, payment type, and other information in a view that you can sort by sales period, marketplace, and status.

Month-to-Date Unit Sales Use this report to get a quick snapshot of your unit sales and transactions for the current month's sales.  

Prior Six Weeks' Royalties* This report shows transactions and royalties you've earned over the six weeks prior to the current week.

* You might notice that information found in the Prior Six Weeks' Royalties report now appears in the Sales & Royalties report. In the near future, we plan to remove this report.
For more information on how royalty payments are calculated, please review the Pricing Page and Terms & Conditions.
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