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Publishing for Mac Users

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing offers users of Apple Macintosh computers a number of convenient and easy-to-use methods for publishing eBooks in Kindle format. This section highlights a number of tools and techniques for publishing via KDP on a Mac operating system:

  • Creating Kindle eBook files
    This section explains how to create book files in formats on your Macintosh that can be uploaded to the KDP Website for conversion through the website. Also how to create Kindle-format files right on your computer, so they may be previewed on Kindle devices and previewer apps.

  • Previewing your eBook
    Highlights options to preview the way your eBook will actually display on Kindle devices and on Kindle Reading Apps. This is a very important step before publishing your book for sale to an audience of millions of readers.

  • Advanced Mac techniques
  • Covers some advanced Macintosh publishing issues, such as creating a ZIP archive file for books that feature image content, as well as converting your book cover file into JPEG format without purchasing any additional software on a Macintosh.

    Please also see the comprehensive formatting instructions found in our Kindle Publishing Guidelines PDF file.
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