Supported Formats

You can upload and convert your manuscript file from several supported formats. Before you publish, read through the tips below for your preferred format.

For best results, we recommend DOC/DOCX or HTML format.

Word (DOC / DOCX)

Most DOC / DOCX files convert well to eBooks. However, some files with complex formatting may not convert as well. Use the previewer to make sure your book converted successfully, especially if it has graphics or tables.

Readers can choose to view Kindle books in different font sizes, so page numbers, font sizes and margins don't apply. Use Word's "Page Break" feature to create intentional page breaks for chapter endings and to separate sections as needed.

Use Word's "Insert" function to insert images into your eBook. Don't copy and paste.

Upload your entire manuscript in one DOC / DOCX file. Don't include a cover image in this file. You'll be prompted separately to create your cover image with Cover Creator or to upload your own cover image, and we'll automatically incorporate this cover into your Kindle book.

See our Simplified Formatting Guide for more details on formatting eBooks in Word.


Save your HTML file as Web Page, Filtered (HTM / HTML) (PC) or Web Page (HTM) (Mac). This will create one folder containing the HTML manuscript file along with the image files, which you'll need to compress into a ZIP file before uploading to KDP.

If you don't have images in your manuscript, you can upload your HTML file directly without compressing it into a ZIP file first.

For more details, see our HTML-specific Help topics:


MOBI (.prc) files created with the legacy program MobiPocket Creator are no longer supported. We can only support MOBI files created with Amazon tools such as KindleGen.

ePub (EPUB)

We support unzipped EPUB files. Before uploading, we recommend validating the file with Kindle Gen or Kindle Previewer.

Rich Text Format (RTF)

We support RTF files.

Plain Text (TXT)

We support TXT files for manuscripts that do not contain images. Since KDP converts plain text to HTML, image locations referenced in a TXT file will not convert successfully.

Adobe PDF (PDF)

While we accept PDF files, they can contain embedded formatting and/or images that don't convert well to eBooks.

At this time, we only support PDF manuscripts in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Galician, and Basque.

Conversion issues with PDF files may include irregularly bolded text, irregular page breaks, inconsistent font sizes, inconsistent text flow, and missing or oversized images. If you'd like to upload a PDF file for your book, preview it before you publish. If you see any issues, or if your book doesn't look the way you want it to, we recommend converting your PDF to a Word document and formatting it according to our Simplified Formatting Guide.

Kindle Package Format (KPF)

We support Kindle Package Format files.

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