Tips For Merchandising

When you list a book on Kindle, Amazon typically starts merchandising your book for you right away.

Places where Amazon markets your book to customers on the Amazon website may include:

  • "More Items to Consider"

  • "Customers with Similar Searches Purchased"

  • "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought"

Your book may also appear in Shopping Cart Recommendations, "Frequently Bought Together," and many other places on the Amazon website.

Nine Easy Ways to Improve the Marketability of Your Books:

For any book, quality is the most important element in generating reader excitement. The better the book, the more likely it is to sell. But you can maximize that reader excitement by making sure your book jumps out at the reader as they shop for their next book. Here are nine easy ways to market your books:

1. Create a compelling cover. You want to create a cover that looks good as a full-sized image, and also looks good as a thumbnail, since Amazon shows thumbnail cover images in search results, automated merchandising, and detail pages. If you're struggling with creating a compelling cover, you can use a design service to create your cover.

2. Edit and proofread your book well. Books filled with typos and grammatical errors may foster negative customer reviews.

3. Write a compelling description of the book. The description of your book gives customers an opportunity to learn about your book before they make a purchase, so this is an opportunity to convince readers to buy your book.

4. Introduce yourself to your readers. Ensure your author profile is complete. You can use Author Central to upload your picture, add a biography, view and edit your bibliography, and create a blog to speak directly to readers.

Creating a compelling author page takes just a few minutes and will help readers learn more about you and your books as they shop our site. Here are a few examples of author pages visible on the website today: Karen McQuestion, Neil Gaiman, Amanda Hocking.

5. Promote your book online. You can also use the Web to connect readers with your book. Social networks present a free way to connect with potential readers. You can create profiles on sites such as Facebook and Twitter and promote your book on those sites. Similarly, you can create a website for your book, post on message boards, join user communities, and promote your book on sites across the Web.

6. Create print-on-demand books using CreateSpace to ensure that your book will be available in both digital and physical formats off the same page. CreateSpace, a member of the Amazon group of companies, provides a full array of tools and services to help you self-publish and make your book available for sale to millions of potential customers on and other channels. With the CreateSpace print-on-demand model, your books are always in-stock and available to order, without the hassles of printing or shipping inventory in advance.

7. Upload videos and book trailers. Self-publishing authors are increasingly creating video trailers to advertise their books online, and Amazon’s Author Pages give you a place to feature those video trailers. You can simply upload a short video that shows readers what your book is about and tempts them to read the book to find out more.

8. Join the Amazon Associates program to earn an additional 4% on each sale you drive. You can use Amazon’s Associates program to create custom links to your book and interactive widgets that present your book in a professional light. When customers click those links and purchase your book, you can earn an additional 4% on each sale.

9. Add a Kindle Countdown Deals promotion.List your book in a limited-time discount promotion that incrementally raises prices as time passes. When customers visit your book’s page, they'll see the discount, and how long they have to buy before the price goes up. You'll set the discounts and the time periods.  Promotions start at the lowest price, and over time, the price goes up to the next promotional list price, until the promotion completes and the original list price is restored. For more information, visit this page.

Amazon has created tools to help you publish your book, plus the rise of social networks and the internet itself opens up many worlds of opportunity for promotion. Seize the moment!

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