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Your sales reports show you much more than just a tally of how many downloads of each book you've sold. You can break down the information to see when and in what marketplaces your books are selling, and the royalties you have earned. Separate royalty payments for each Kindle Store in which you have chosen to distribute your title will be paid automatically by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Wire Transfer (where available), or check approximately sixty (60) days following the end of the calendar month during which applicable sales occur, once the threshold is met.

When you click the Reports tab in your KDP account, you'll see a Sales Dashboard that shows you the following:
  • To see how many orders your titles received today, Move your mouse over the point on the graph that corresponds to today’s date to see the exact number of units ordered. You can also find this information by filtering the ‘Units Ordered’ graph to show orders for today’s date.
  • To see units ordered for any day, week, month, or other timeframe within the past 90 days, filter the "Units Ordered" graph.
  • To filter the graph by title, marketplace, or timeframe, click the buttons to see your options.
  • To see royalties earned during your selected timeframe, check the table below the main graph.
  • To see a detailed report that includes units sold, refunds, and royalties, click "Generate Report" near the bottom of the page.
  A few things to keep in mind as you use the reports:
  • An order is recorded when someone downloads your book
  • A sale is recorded when payments are processed. This usually takes about a day
  • Your royalty is calculated on sales (i.e. when payments are processed)
  • Reports are provided in the time zone where the order/sale took place (e.g.: for sales in Amazon.com, PST time zone is used).
  • The Kindle Store provides refunds for up to 7 days for customers unsatisfied with their book purchases. Refunds will appear as a negative transaction on your reports and will be deducted from your payment amount.
If you've already been using the other sales reports:
  • Information provided in your Month-to-Date Royalties and Prior Six Week's Royalties report is also provided on the Sales Dashboard and downloadable Sales & Royalty Report
  • You can download the Sales & Royalty Report from the Sales Dashboard to get more details on units ordered and royalties earned.
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