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Microsoft Word document (.doc/.docx) Formatting

For optimum conversion results limit the formatting of your Microsoft Word file to the Word menu commands listed below:

Plain text, left-aligned
Plain text, centered
Plain text, right-aligned
Plain text, underlined
Plain text, bold
Plain text, italicized
Plain text, bold, italicized
Plain text, underlined, bold, italicized
Plain text, strike-through
Plain text and Plain text in superscript
Plain text and Plain text in subscript
Plain text and plain text in both superscript and subscript

Tips for formatting MS Word Docs for KDP

  • Word files which contain complex formatting (e.g. tables, text sidebars and insets) may not export well.
  • Don't change the margin lengths in your book as Kindle content is re-flowable and can be viewed with different font sizes(page numbers and font sizes do not apply).
  • Avoid inserting blank lines of text to create empty pages.
  • Use the "Page Break" feature of Word at the end of your chapters for a smoother transition and better reading experience.
  • Insert your images directly into your documents rather than copying and pasting
  • Remove hard returns as much as possible.Insert page breaks at the end of chapters.

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