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Setting Multiple List Prices

If you set multiple EURO list prices for your book for different Amazon websites, we use the lowest of these EURO list prices for sales to customers in countries and regions served by more than one Amazon website. We do this to provide consistency across those Amazon websites. For example, customers in Switzerland and Luxembourg can buy Kindle books on Amazon.de and Amazon.fr. If you provide different EURO list prices for a book on Amazon.de and Amazon.fr, when we sell your book to customers in Switzerland and Luxembourg, we use the lower of the two list prices for sales to those customers on both Amazon.de and Amazon.fr.

Also, if you provide a list price for an Amazon site other than Amazon.com (e.g., Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.ca, Amazon.com.br, Amazon.co.jp, Amazon.in, Amazon.com.au), we use that list price, converted to US Dollars, when we sell your book on Amazon.com to customers who are also served by that other Amazon site. For example, if you provide a UK Pounds list price for Amazon.co.uk, we use that list price, converted to US Dollars, when we sell your book to UK customers from Amazon.com.

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