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Getting Started

You just finished writing the next hit romance novel. Or maybe a memoir destined for the big screen. Or perhaps the first volume of a gripping fantasy series. Now you’ve decided to self-publish your book on KDP, which lets you publish both eBooks and paperbacks. How do you want to start?

  • Step-by-step guidance. For an end-to-end guide with insider tips for self-publishing on Amazon, try KDP Jumpstart.
  • Learn on your own. Use our self-guided resources to get started publishing eBooks and paperbacks.
  • KDP University. For a comprehensive suite of resources designed to help you take your best book to market, visit KDP University.
  • Frequently asked questions. See a list of common questions from authors getting started on KDP.

Want an overview of the KDP website, as well as publishing tools and marketing tips? See our Getting Started with KDP video.

Publish your book on KDP

Video: Getting started with KDP

  • Rights. Keep control of your rights and set your own list prices. Make changes to your books at any time.
  • Get to market fast. Set up your book in minutes, and it will appear on Kindle stores worldwide.
  • Royalties. Earn up to 70% royalty on sales to customers in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, India, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and more. Enroll in KDP Select and earn more money through Kindle Unlimited and the Kindle Owners' Lending Library.

  • Rights. Maintain creative control and own your copyright with our non-exclusive agreement.
  • 100% availability. Printing on demand means your book will never be out of stock.
  • Distribution. Reach readers through Amazon websites in the US, Europe, and Japan.
  • Royalties. Earn up to 60% royalties on the list price you set, minus printing costs.

How to publish
  1. Prepare your manuscript and cover. Check out our tools and resources.
  2. Make sure your book meets our content and quality guidelines.
  3. Use your Amazon account to sign in to KDP or create one.
  4. Make sure your browser is updated.
  5. Go to your KDP Bookshelf. In the "Create a New Title" section, click + Kindle eBook.
  6. Enter your information for each section:
  7. After entering your information, click Publish Your Kindle eBook.

  1. Prepare your manuscript and cover. Check out our tools and resources.
  2. Make sure your book meets our quality and content guidelines.
  3. Use your Amazon account to sign in to KDP or create one.
  4. Make sure your browser is updated.
  5. Go to your KDP Bookshelf. In the "Create a New Title" section, click + Paperback.
  6. Enter your information for each section:
  7. After entering your information, click Publish Your Paperback Book.

Learn more about timelines for new publications.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to publish with KDP?

It's free to self-publish eBooks and paperbacks with Kindle Direct Publishing.

I can't sign in.

Sometimes multiple accounts are created if you visit Amazon and accidentally indicate that you're a new customer when you sign in. This creates another account with the same email address and a different password. When signed in to one account, you won't be able to view or edit in the other account. To fix this, sign out of the current account and then sign back in again with the email and password associated with your KDP account. We recommend clearing any saved passwords from your browser before attempting to sign in again.

Forgot the password for your KDP account? To reset it:

  1. Go to KDP and click Sign in.
  2. Click Forgot your password? This opens the "Password assistance" window.
  3. Enter the email address or mobile phone number associated with your KDP account.
  4. Enter the characters as they are given in the challenge and click Continue.
  5. You'll receive an email from us with a link and instructions for resetting your password. If you don't receive the email, check your junk mail folder for an email with the subject line "Amazon.com Password Assistance."
  6. Click on the link in the email. This opens the "Create new password" page.
  7. Enter your new password.
  8. Click Save changes and sign in.

How do I create a paperback of my published eBook?

Go to your Bookshelf, find your eBook, and click +Create paperback. We'll update your paperback details with the details you provided when you set up your eBook. You can still edit these details. Like for eBooks, you can set separate prices and distribution options for each supported marketplace for your paperback.

If you already published your title as an eBook, we'll review your paperback to make sure it meets to our content and quality guidelines. Learn more about the paperback submission process.

What do I need to know about ISBNs?

  • eBooks. An ISBN isn't required to publish an eBook with KDP. After your eBook is published on KDP, Amazon assigns it a 10-digit ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number).
  • Paperbacks. KDP can provide you with a free ISBN to publish your paperback. You can buy your own ISBN from Bowker or through your local ISBN agency.

Learn more about ISBNs.

What about copyright?

Your work is under copyright protection the moment it's created and fixed in a tangible form. We don't require a copyright page, but many authors choose to include one. If you have more questions about copyright, please consult an attorney. See our copyright guidelines.

How do I upload my book?

To upload your book file, you first need to create a title on your Bookshelf and enter book details (e.g., title, author name). When you're ready to upload your file:

  1. Find the book on your KDP Bookshelf and click Continue setup.
  2. Go to the "Kindle eBook content" or "Paperback content" tab.
  3. In the "Manuscript" section, click Upload eBook manuscript or Upload paperback manuscript.
  4. Find and open your file on your computer. After we finish converting your file, a confirmation appears.

If you updated your book and want to upload the new version, follow the same steps.

How do royalties and payments work?

  • eBook royalties. You can choose between two royalty options for each of your eBooks: the 35% royalty option and the 70% royalty option.
  • Paperback royalties. KDP offers a fixed 60% royalty rate for paperbacks sold on Amazon marketplaces where KDP supports paperback distribution. Your royalty is 60% of your list price. We subtract printing costs, which depend on page count, ink type, and the Amazon marketplace your paperback was ordered from.
  • Payments. KDP pays royalties every month, approximately 60 days after the end of the month in which they were earned. Learn more about getting paid.

Do you offer editing and formatting services?

No, but here's a list of other companies that specialize in professional publishing services.

My book has a lot of images. What should I know?

For a free tool that can help you prepare eBooks with lots of images and complex formatting (e.g., textbooks, travel books, cookbooks), try Kindle Create. Learn more about adding high-resolution images to eBooks and paperbacks.

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