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Reschedule your Kindle eBook pre-order

To set a new release date for your Kindle pre-order eBook

  1. Go to your Bookshelf
  2. Click the ellipsis button ("...") under the Book Actions menu next to the eBook you want to update and select "Edit book details."
  3. Under the Pre-order header, click "Edit Release Date."
  4. Enter the desired date and click "OK."
  5. Scroll to the bottom and click "Save and Continue."
  6. Click "Submit for pre-order."

Moving up a release

If you move up the release date for your eBook, you will need to submit and republish the final version of your book at least 3 days (72 hours) before release, and all customers who pre-ordered the eBook will receive the content on the earlier release date.

Delaying or cancelling a release

You can postpone the release date for your eBook one time for as much as 30 days past the initial release date. Customers who pre-ordered the eBook will receive an email letting them know that you have delayed the release. Postponing the release date will block you from postponing release dates for other existing pre-order eBooks, and it will block you from listing  eBooks for pre-order for one year.

If you decide to cancel the release of your pre-order eBook, for whatever reason, you can unpublish your pre-order eBook just like you would unpublish any other book in KDP. Cancelling a pre-order will block you from listing any eBook for pre-order for one year.


To help you keep track of your pre-order deadlines, you'll see a timer at the top of the book's setup pages (details, content, and pricing), counting down the days, hours, and minutes remaining before your eBook is due.

Delivering your eBook on schedule is required for you to retain access to pre-order. You will not be able to update your eBook 3 days (72 hours) before the release date. If you delay or cancel a pre-order eBook, you will be unable to list any eBook for pre-order for one year.

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