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Understanding and Using KDP Pricing Support (Beta)

The information provided in KDP Pricing Support (Beta) is one additional input you may use when setting the list price for a new book or when updating the list price for a previously published book.

Some authors focus on growing readership and thus potential for more customer reviews and others focus on higher earnings even with fewer sales. Therefore, the service includes information on impact of price changes on both number of books sold and author earnings.

KDP Pricing Support (Beta) provides a snapshot estimate of author earnings and number of books sold at different prices, using recent sales data for books identified as similar to yours, based on the current attributes of your book. It does not predict the impact future sales may have on attributes such as customer reviews and sales rank.  If the value of your book’s attributes changes over time, the information provided by the service will also change. 

As a result, if you are interested in using the service as one of the inputs in your pricing decision, we recommend that you revisit the data periodically. The service only includes KDP eBooks in the group of similar books, and not other formats like print and audio and non-KDP eBooks.
Please also remember that price is only one of many factors that affect the earnings of a book.

Other factors that can affect the earnings potential of a book include:
  • Marketing
  • Promotions
  • Cover Design
  • Book Description
  • Keywords

The data represented in the KDP Pricing Support (Beta) is an estimate based on past sales for a group of books similar to yours. It is meant to be an additional piece of data for you to consider when setting your list price. You should not solely rely on the information to predict future results for your book. Actual results for individual books are likely to vary, as every book is different. You should decide what the right price for your book is, considering this and other factors.

Price Elasticity Model

KDP Pricing Support (Beta) is based on a price elasticity model that is derived from past customer purchase data. A price elasticity model is a statistical model that measures how price changes affects demand.
The data shows that customer reaction to price changes is often similar for books with similar values for attributes like category, customer reviews and ratings, author’s past sales, best seller rank and page count. As the price elasticity model evolves over time, you may see some of the attributes replaced, removed, added, or weighted differently.

Books Similar to Yours

Even though you may want to access the specific books identified as similar to yours, we respect the privacy of our authors and cannot share this information.  We currently cannot accept suggestions as to how to group your book with other titles.

Series and promotional pricing information

The data presented in KDP Pricing Support (Beta) does not take into account series information or provide information for the series as a whole. However, authors often choose a lower list price for the first book in a series.

The service currently does not include information on price promotions.

Automated notification

We do not currently offer an automated notification alerting you when data updates for books similar to yours.

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