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Customer Reviews

The Amazon Community team enables customer reviews, allowing customers to learn about other readers feedback about your books and make purchase decisions.

Customers value unbiased book reviews. You're welcome to encourage others to read your book and post their reviews on its detail page. For more information visit Community Guidelines.

Why aren't my book reviews showing up?

Below are some of the most common causes of missing reviews:
  1. The review conflicted with Community Guidelines. This includes reviews which were posted as promotional content.
  2. The review was removed by the customer who submitted the review.
  3. The review was linked to an unrelated product.
If a customer contacts you about their missing review, ask them to write to community-help@amazon.com.

I would like to remove a customer review from my book

Do you believe a review violates our Community Guidelines? If so, you can notify our moderation team by clicking Report Abuse at the end of the review. The Amazon Community team will investigate, but will not respond to you.

If you need further assistance, write to community-help@amazon.com.

How are product's star rating calculated?

Amazon calculates a product's star rating using machine-learned models instead of a simple average. Learn more: Product Star Rating.

Can I share customer reviews across marketplaces?

Sharing international customer reviews is only possible across marketplaces where the same book's ASIN and format is live. For instance, if you have a paperback book available in Amazon.ca, but available only as an eBook in Amazon.com, it will not share international customer reviews.

Note that sharing reviews across marketplaces is determined by a number of different inputs that may change over time. Because of this, your books may or may not show customer reviews across marketplaces.

Can I transfer customer reviews from a previous version of my book to a new version?

To share customer reviews between different book versions, the new version of your book metadata information must match the previous version of your book. Visit Link Your Books Together for more details about books linking.

Do you remove reviews about earlier versions of updated books?

If you update your book content, customers may call attention to aspects of the book that you've changed in their review. This may make content in earlier reviews irrelevant. However, we won't remove the reviews if they don't violate our Community Guidelines. Learn how to update your book and notify customers of the updates

Can I give free discounted copies of my books to readers?

You may provide free or discounted copies of your books to readers, as long as you do not require a review in exchange or attempt to influence the review. Offering anything other than a free or discounted copy of the book, including gift cards, will invalidate a review, and the Amazon Community team will remove it. To learn more, see Community Guidelines.

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