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Topic 5 - Build Your Amazon Detail Page


After reading this topic, you'll know:

  • What book details are and why they matter
  • Which book details you’ll need to enter
  • How to successfully enter book details, many of which will appear on your book’s Amazon detail page
  • How to update your book details if you want to change them later


You've completed Milestone 1. Now you're working on your book details (Milestone 2). Later, you'll format your manuscript and cover (Milestone 3) and set rights and pricing (Milestone 4).


What book details are and why they matter

Book details describe your book to readers. They are attributes like title, author name, description, and category. Many of the details you'll enter will appear on your book's Amazon detail page. Book details matter because they help readers find your book and learn about it. Pretend you're selling a shirt. You'd want to give your customers information like brand, designer name, color, and size. Book details work similarly; they tell customers about your book and help them make buying decisions.

Which book details you need to enter

The details you'll enter vary slightly depending on whether you’re publishing an eBook or paperback. Many fields are optional. The table below summarizes which details are required for both formats and which are format specific.

eBook and paperbackeBook onlyPaperback only
Book title
Subtitle (optional)
Series (optional)
Edition number (optional)
Contributor (optional)
Publishing rights
Keywords (optional)
Age and grade range (optional)
Adult content
CreateSpace books

How to enter and update book details

Video: Book details best practicesVideo: Making changes

The book details you enter will build your detail page, but what about those things on the detail page that aren’t entered through KDP? Introducing Author Central. Create a free Author Page through Author Central to add editorial reviews, manage your bio and blog, and keep readers who "Follow" your Author Page up to date on your activities.

Check out these examples of Author Pages: William Shakespeare, Delia Smith, Stephenie Meyer. Now go to a detail page for one of their books. See how you can enrich your detail page by adding a bio and editorial reviews through your Author Page? On the Author Page, we display essential information like bibliographies, biographies, author photos, and feeds to blog posts. Your book needs to be published before you can create your Author Page, but you can begin preparing for this now.

To learn how to maximize your Author Page, read this article.


  1. Download or print the KDP Jumpstart companion guide so you have detailed, step-by-step instructions at hand as you enter your book details, including the description you wrote in Topic 3 and the categories and keywords you researched in Topic 4.
  2. Go to your Bookshelf and follow the instructions in the companion guide.
  3. When you’re done, click Save and Continue at the bottom of the page. You can also save the information you entered as a draft and finish later.
  4. Go to Topic 6, which will give you an introduction to book design.

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