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KDP Jumpstart - Publishing Essentials Webinar

In our 60-minute interactive webinars, you'll learn about strategies and tools to help you successfully write, publish, and promote your book on KDP. The webinars are essential for anyone new to publishing on Amazon. We'll provide:

  • A guided tour of the KDP website and help pages
  • An overview of our KDP Jumpstart Guide
  • A forum to ask our KDP experts questions

Register for an upcoming webinar or join the interest list to get emails about upcoming events. Participation for each event is limited, so make sure to register early. If you can't join this time, don't worry. We'll be hosting more KDP Essentials webinars in the near future.

The video below is a recording of the webinar from October 27, 2017. It includes content covered during the live session; polls and a Q&A session were removed. For more information and links to the tools and resources discussed in the webinar, download this companion guide.

Frequently asked questions

Live webinars have Q&A sessions at the end. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Can eBooks be converted from PDF files or only from Microsoft Word?
I have a book with lots of text and over 100 photos. Should I choose a reflowable or fixed format?
I have a manuscript in Adobe InDesign. How can I easily format this to publish an eBook?
What font size should I use?
Are KDP and CreateSpace the same thing?
Do you have to enroll in KDP Select to run free book promotions and Kindle Countdown Deals?
How does KDP measure the number of pages read for books enrolled in KDP Select and how does this affect royalties?
Are free book promotions limited by geography?
Should I provide my own ISBN for my paperback instead of using the free one KDP provides?
Do I need to enter an ISBN when I publish my eBook on KDP?
Can I narrate my own book?
Can I publish books under my real name and my pen name from the same KDP account?
Can I preview my book before it becomes available on Amazon?
Can I simply upload the Microsoft Word file containing my manuscript? Or is it better to use a tool like the Kindle Create Add-in to format it before submitting?
Can I provide free copies of an eBook to reviewers?

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