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Webinar recordings

KDP University @home

KDPUniversity @home with Jonathan Yanez

Former personal trainer, now award-winning author Jonathan Yanez decided to turn to full-time writing because he felt that was his calling, and true passion. Yanez writes primarily urban fantasy and sci-fi books, which have now been translated into multiple languages, optioned for the big screen, and adapted into a mobile game. Jonathan joined KDP on January 14, 2021, for our second New Year New You session, to share his inspiring story, along with a few tips on branding and reader engagement.

Video: Recorded January 14, 2021

KDPUniversity @home with Craig Martelle

Author/co-author of over one hundred books, Craig Martelle draws inspiration from his experience in the US Marine Corps Intelligence, and work as a business consultant to add realism to his stories. Martelle is mainly a science fiction writer, however he enjoys writing thrillers and non-fiction as well, and tends to prefer writing his books in series because “a set of characters have an infinite number of tales to tell”. The KDP University team had the pleasure of meeting Craig as part of the “New Year, New You” series on Jan. 7, 2021, hear his story and his best advice on how to be a successful new Indie Publisher!

Video: Recorded January 7, 2021

KDPUniversity @home with Alessandra Torre

Alessandra Torre is a self-published, New York Times bestselling author who writes romance and suspense novels striving for unexpected plots and unforgettable characters. While she always enjoyed writing, Torre had never considered it as a career choice, until the success she achieved with her first book in 2011 gave her the confidence to envision that as her future. Alessandra joined KDP University on Dec. 17 to share her story, how self-publishing made this career a reality for her, and her best tips for a great book craft and successful launch.

Video: Recorded December 17, 2020

KDPUniversity @home with Mandy M. Roth

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Mandy M. Roth loves 80s music and movies and wishes leg warmers would come back into fashion. When she’s not dancing around her office to the sounds of the 80s, she’s busy writing paranormal operatives and kick-butt urban fantasy heroines. Mandy joined KDP University on Dec. 10 to share about her transition from traditional to indie publishing, and how KDP tools have helped her increase reach.

Video: Recorded December 10, 2020

KDPUniversity @home with Mary Ting

International bestselling, award-winning author Mary Ting never dreamt of pursuing a writing career. Inspired by a dream, Ting wrote her first saga as a way to grieve the death of her beloved grandmother. Little did she know it would be just the beginning of a successful journey writing soulful, spellbinding stories that have since captivated readers around the world. On Dec. 3, Mary joined KDP to share her story, and some useful tips from her experience as a hybrid author.

Video: Recorded December 3, 2020

KDPUniversity @home with A.G. Riddle

A.G. Riddle spent ten years starting Internet companies before retiring –in 2013- to his true passion: writing fiction. After his bestselling debut novel, The Atlantis Gene, Riddle has released nine books which have been translated in two dozen languages and sold worldwide. Several of them are now in development for film/TV. Riddle joined KDP University on Nov. 19 to tell us his story and share his step-by-step process to a successful market launch!

Video: Recorded November 19, 2020

KDPUniversity @home with Talia Hibbert

USA Today must read and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Talia Hibbert gives voice to people of marginalized identities, whom she believes to be in need of honest and positive representation, including in romance novels. Hibbert joined KDP University on November 5 to talk about the importance of packaging a book –from cover to blurb- as foundational marketing for a successful launch.

Video: Recorded November 5, 2020

KDPUniversity @home with Wayne Stinnett

Before becoming an Amazon best seller, Wayne Stinnett worked as a fisherman, dive master, and deck hand - all of which inspired him to write in the sub-genre of Sea Adventures. Wayne joined KDP University on October 29 to share go-to marketing tactics, and a story or two about his fascinating life experiences.

Video: Recorded October 29, 2020

KDPUniversity @home with Richard Fox

Drawing from his experience in the United States army, where he served two combat tours in Iraq, Amazon best seller Richard Fox has published more than 50 military science fiction novels. Richard joined KDP University on October 22 to speak on the importance of expanding your skillset and how he markets a book launch.

Video: Recorded October 22, 2020

KDPUniversity @home with Christina Benjamin

KDP had the pleasure to chat with author Christina Benjamin, to discuss the nostalgic aspects of the YA genre, the importance of research in the writing process, and why self-publishing is something to be proud of. When she’s not traveling or promoting an upcoming book release, romance and fantasy novelist Christina Benjamin is dreaming up “Book Boyfriends” for her young adult audience to swoon over. With five new releases scheduled by early 2021, Benjamin’s passion for writing has landed her on the Amazon bestseller list multiple times.

Video: Recorded October 15, 2020

KDPUniversity @home with Grant Faulkner

Executive Director of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and co-founder of 100 Word Story, Grant Faulkner has been featured in dozens of literary magazines, published multiple writing manuals, serves on three literary councils, and co-hosts the podcast Write-minded. Grant joined KDP University on October 8 to discuss the necessary steps from pen-to-publish and why participation in NaNoWriMo should be the first.

Video: Recorded October 8, 2020

KDPUniversity @home with K.F. Breene

Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Washington Post and Amazon best-selling author K.F. Breene has quite the affinity for stories about magic and the things that go bump in the night. Breene joined KDPU on October 1 to talk reader engagement, the marketing tools she can’t live without, and how she made her voice her brand.

Video: Recorded October 1, 2020

KDPUniversity @home with Denise Grover Swank

A New York Times and USA Today best-selling author and full-time mother of six, Denise Grover Swank was once a self-proclaimed nomadic gypsy before settling down in her hometown of Kansas City, Missouri and embarking on her career path as an author. Denise discussed why she chose the self-publishing path and pro-tips on making your book look professional.

Video: Recorded September 24, 2020

KDPUniversity @home with Staci Hart

From tailor and graphic artist to full-time author, entrepreneur, and mother, Amazon best-selling author Staci Hart is no stranger to wearing many different hats. Staci joined KDP University on Sept 17 and shared details on her upcoming book release, why she chose the genre of contemporary romance, and the #1 tool she uses for marketing.

Video: Recorded September 17, 2020

KDPUniversity @home with Aleron Kong

KDP University was so excited to spend an hour with African-American physician turned author, Aleron Kong. Aleron spoke to us about how he has grown a large an united fandom. We spoke to Aleron about his new series, God’s Eye, and the business of self-publishing.

Video: Recorded September 10, 2020

KDPUniversity @home with Erica Ridley

Globetrotting author Erica Ridley is a New York Times and USA Today best seller of feel-good romance novels that feature genre-bending aspects of comedy, history, and even paranormal activity. On September 3, Ridley joined KDP University to offer advice for new and aspiring indie authors and discuss the path that lead her to writing Happily Ever Afters.

Video: Recorded September 3, 2020

KDPUniversity @home with Tamika Newhouse

Author and CEO Tamika Newhouse has used her experiences as a writer to successfully help other Black authors fulfill their dreams of becoming published through her organization AAMBC, Inc. When she is not writing stories that dig into motherhood, sexuality, and self-love, she is honoring other Black authors such as Terry McMillan and Nicky Giovanni at the yearly AAMBC, INC Black Writers Weekend. We spoke to Tamika Tuesday, September 1st about her successes and her mission to uplift the Black author community.

Video: Recorded September 1, 2020

KDPUniversity @home with Steven Konkoly

Wall Street Journal and Washington Post best seller Steven Konkoly’s eight years as a traveling naval officer adds a unique authenticity to his popular thrillers. While he typically starts his days at ‘zero dark thirty’ to write before breaking to spend time with his family, Konkoly agreed to join KDP University on August 27 to discuss his unconventional journey to becoming an author, the marketing tactics he relies on to promote his books, and the upcoming conclusion to his longest standing series.

Video: Recorded August 27, 2020

KDPUniversity @home with Kristen Ashley

New York Times best-selling romance novelist Kristen Ashley has published more than 70 books translated into 14 different languages since beginning her career in independent publishing. Kristen joined KDP University on August 20 and discussed her philanthropy Rock Chick Nation, the origins of her love for female-driven stories, and her systematic process for marketing a book launch.

Video: Recorded August 20, 2020

KDPUniversity @home with James Hunter

Full-time ink slinger, James Hunter agreed to take time away from his incredibly busy schedule to speak to us about his publishing company, Shadow Alley Press. James discussed his marketing strategies and what it means to be a member of The Royal Order of the Shellback.

Video: Recorded July 23, 2020

KDPUniversity @home with Stephanie Bond

Stephanie Bond has not only published more than 80 novels but also shares her writing secrets in her book "Your Personal Fiction-Writing Coach (365 Days of Motivation & Tips to Write a Great Book!)". In this webinar Stephanie talks about her top suggestions for writing and marketing your book.

Video: Recorded July 16, 2020

KDPUniversity @home with Nana Malone

USA Today best selling author, Nana Malone, decided to meet with us while she is waiting for her dream of becoming a Ninja to come through. Nana is spoke to us about her day job as an author, her upcoming new release, and her marketing best practices.

Video: Recorded July 9, 2020

KDPUniversity @home with Shayne Silvers

We pried Shayne Silvers away from his coffee shop to discuss his best selling Nate Temple series. We picked his brain about his writing style, what it’s like to be an independent author, and his marketing best practices.

Video: Recorded July 2, 2020

Getting started with sponsored ads for KDP authors

Ready to launch your first self-service Amazon Advertising campaign but not sure where to start? Let this webinar tailored to KDP authors be your guide.

Video: Recorded October 28, 2020

For more information and links to the resources discussed in the webinar, download this guide.

Discovering Metadata

Metadata influences how readers find and purchase your book on Amazon. Join us for best practices on how to identify categories and keywords to increase traffic and use metadata to create a strong detail page that impacts conversion to sales.

Video: Recorded July 1, 2020

For more information and links to the resources discussed in the webinar, download this author guide.

KDPUniversity @home with Elizabeth Hunter

KDP University caught up Central California USA Today Best Selling author, Elizabeth Hunter, to talk about the travels that inspire her writing. Elizabeth discussed what motivates her to include paranormal or fantasy themes in her writing. Watch while she shares with us her advice for new and aspiring authors.

Video: Recorded June 25, 2020

KDPUniversity @home with Saiswaroopa Iyer

In this webinar, we had a Q&A session with a successful KDP author Saiswaroopa Iyer. She has written and published multiple bestsellers like Draupadi: The Tale of an Empress, Avishi: Vishpala of Rig Veda Reimaginedon Kindle, both through KDP and traditional publishing. She shared her perspective on her journey as an author and also insights on how to market your book. She also spoke about why she chose to go for self-publishing on KDP.

Video: Recorded June 25, 2020

KDPUniversity @home with Melissa Foster

USA Today Best Selling author Melissa Foster agreed to sit down with KDP University to discuss how she writes books that are both stand-alone and part of a series. Melissa spoke about her upcoming release, A Little Bit Wicked, along with her step-by-step process for marketing her book launches. We talked to Melissa on June 11th about her experience as a hybrid author.

Video: Recorded June 11, 2020

KDPUniversity @home with Lindsay Buroker

We spent an hour sitting down with USA Today best-selling author, Lindsay Buroker discussing how Lindsay turned a steady appetite of Star Trek and Dungeons and Dragons novels into a full-time job resulting in more than 2 million books sold on Amazon. During the webinar on May 28th we talked to Lindsay about the first book in her Death Before Dragons series, Sinister Magic, and what tools an indie publisher author can’t live without.

Video: Recorded June 4, 2020

KDPUniversity @home with Amy Daws

We were able to pull Amy Daws away from writing sexy love stories to discuss her author journey and new book, One Moment Please. We met with her May 21 and spoke with Amy about her heart warming author journey, her favorite writing spot (rumor has it it’s a tire shop), and her steps for marketing a book release.

Video: Recorded May 21, 2020

KDPUniversity @home with Joshua Dalzelle

Dragon Award Nominee Joshua Dalzelle, agreed to spend an hour with us talking about he was able to turn his pipe dream of being a writer into his full-time job. We met with Joshua on May 14 to discuss what it takes to break into Amazon’s Top 100 as a Indie author.

Video: Recorded May 14, 2020

KDPUniversity @home with Sheldon Siegel

KDP University caught up with busy author and lawyer, Sheldon Siegel, to chat about his success as an Indie Author and his new release, The Dreamer on May 7. During the webinar, Sheldon discussed how he got started and what he learned along the way, along with his top 10 tips for independent authors.

Video: Recorded May 7, 2020

For more information and links to the resources discussed in the webinar, download this author guide.

Advanced Book Marketing on Goodreads

Designed for the author who is already part of the Goodreads Authors Program, this webinar will teach you the best ways to maximize the reach of Goodreads, the world’s largest community of readers.

Video: Recorded October 29, 2019

For more information and links to the resources discussed in the webinar, download this author guide and these notes and highlights.

Creative cover solutions

Learn about cover formatting, branding principles, and top 10 cover best practices.

Video: Recorded January 6, 2021

For more information and links to the resources discussed in the webinar, download this companion guide.

Creating, reviewing, and optimizing your Amazon Advertising campaign

Are you looking to help Amazon customers discover and purchase your book? Amazon Advertising has marketing options for KDP authors to promote and advertise their books.

Video: Recorded February 12, 2019

For more information and links to the resources discussed in the webinar, download this companion guide.

Getting started with KDP

Take a tour of the KDP website and learn about requirements and resources for book formatting.

Video: Recorded December 9, 2020

For more information and links to the resources discussed in the webinar, download this companion guide.

Frequently asked questions

Developing a promotional strategy

Stand out from the hundreds of books that are published weekly by creating a plan for promoting your book.

Video: Recorded December, 2, 2020

For more information and links to the resources discussed in the webinar, download this companion guide.

Paperback formatting essentials

Learn industry terms and best practices for turning a completed manuscript into a formatted file.

Video: Recorded December 17, 2020

For more information and links to the resources discussed in the webinar, download this companion guide.

Frequently asked questions

Tax talk: What digital content providers should know about taxes

Learn why Amazon needs tax information, where to download forms, and about taking the tax interview.

Video: Recorded January 10, 2019

For the resources discussed in the webinar, download this companion guide.

Publishing essentials

Get an overview of the KDP website, as well as publishing tools and marketing tips.

Video: Recorded October 27, 2017

For more information and links to the tools and resources discussed in the webinar, download this companion guide.

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