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Kindle Vella - Reader Experience

Kindle Vella is a way to share serialized stories with readers over an extended period – one episode at a time. Readers can:

  • Find and view a story's detail page in the Kindle Vella store
  • Read the first 10 episodes of every story for free
  • Prime Student members can read all stories for free
  • Use new features, like Faves and Thumbs Up, to engage with stories


Story detail pages

Readers can find your story in the Kindle Vella store on Amazon.com and in the Kindle app on iOS, Android, and Fire devices. Each story has a detail page that features your story's details where readers can start reading episodes.

Use Tokens to unlock episodes

To give readers a chance to check out a story, they can read the first ten episodes of every story without redeeming Tokens.

Readers can purchase and redeem Tokens to unlock one or multiple episodes at once. We have several bundle options for readers to purchase Tokens on the web and in the Kindle app on iOS and Fire tablets. We may offer free Tokens to customers to promote Kindle Vella. Learn more about Tokens and royalties.


With Kindle Vella readers can interact with your story in new ways, including:
  • Follow. Readers can follow stories they enjoy to be notified each time a new episode is released. Readers will get a push notification for each new episode.
  • Faves and story crowns. Readers who purchase Tokens can crown a weekly Fave for the story they enjoyed most that week. We feature the most Faved stories in the Kindle Vella store. If your story is Top Faved by readers, it will appear with a crown above the story image in the Kindle Vella store and in the Top Faved list.

    Note: The Top Faved list changes based on Fave activity from readers, so you may see your story move on and off the list.

  • Thumbs up. At the end of each episode, readers can react by adding a Thumbs up to episodes they enjoyed reading.

  • Episode comments. Readers can post comments and share their thoughts on episodes, and like and/or reply to other readers' comments. They can also flag comments that don't follow the episode content guidelines
  • Polls. When you add polls to your Kindle Vella episodes, readers will see those polls at the end of the episodes and be able to share their thoughts with you.

You can also interact with readers. At the end of each episode, you have the option to leave an Author’s Note to share additional thoughts, insights, or let readers know when to expect the next episode.

Kindle Vella store search results

You can search for stories by entering a few words into the search box, and we'll show you matching results. In the Kindle Vella store, readers can search and browse by tags and categories.

How Amazon search results work

When readers search for stories in the Kindle Vella store, our search methods go beyond simple keyword matching and may use information not visible on the search results page, including your story details and text. Search results are dynamic and it is expected for ASIN rankings to fluctuate.

Search results give a mix of the most popular products across various product categories. These are displayed based on:
  • Availability.
  • Length of time the item has been listed on our website.
  • Popularity, and others.

As a result, you may sometimes see results you do not expect. Neither Amazon, nor KDP can guarantee that your story will display on the first page of search results.

Timeline for stories to appear in search results

After your story is available for purchase, it takes up to 72 hours to set the search attributes.

To confirm your story is available for purchase:
  1. Go to your Kindle Vella Library.
  2. Scroll to the story you want to view.
  3. Click the ASIN to go to the detail page.

You can copy and share this link to promote your story.

Mature content in search results

If you're searching the Kindle Vella store and you are not seeing your story in search results, your story might be categorized as mature content.

Stories with mature content will not surface in general searches as they could include content of a sexual or explicit nature, which is not appropriate for all readers. These stories will surface in general searches for customers who choose to allow mature content.

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