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KDP Community Guidelines

The goal of the Kindle Direct Publishing Community is to provide an environment where members can freely exchange thoughts, ideas, knowledge, and opinions. The Community is a dedicated support tool, and we place tremendous value on the information exchanged here.

Users of these forums are expected to follow the guidelines in place across all Amazon websites. The following guidelines pertain specifically to content within the Community including, but not limited to text, URLs, and references. Please help us maintain this constructive environment by following these guidelines and encouraging other users to do the same.

Participating in Our Community

Speak your mind! We want to hear what you have to say. What are our strengths? What can we do better? Help us support the Community more effectively by giving us honest feedback about the things we’re doing well and constructive criticism about the things we can improve.

Say what you think, but please say it constructively. We encourage you to be open, but do not tolerate use that demonstrates disrespect for others.

If you have a question, no matter how complex, we encourage you to ask. However, please do not intentionally post content that demonstrates little or no relevance or disrupts the effective use of the forums in any way. Please communicate in a manner that respects the time and energy of your fellow authors and publishers.

Members may contribute:

  • Posts that are topic-specific to the board and the thread
  • Relevant knowledge, ideas, and experiences
  • Ideas for new features
  • Honest feedback about KDP, both things we do well and things we can improve.
  • External website links that are relevant, helpful, or provide an example for discussion related to the discussion topic
  • Posts announcing or requesting feedback on content created through KDP. We ask that you limit the promotion of your project(s) to one thread.

Members may not include:

  • Links, remarks, or references that are profane, obscene, or spiteful
  • Content that demonstrates intolerance for or is insulting to other groups and individuals
  • Content that demonstrates little or no relevance to KDP issues, or disrupts the effective use of the Community in any way. Use the Community tools only in a manner that respects the time and energy of your fellow authors and publishers.
  • Advertisements or solicitations for external web sites, contests, paid service offerings, contributor or customer reviews, or other solicitations, or requests for Community members to be your potential customers
  • Repeated announcements of a single topic or respond to a thread with the sole purpose of resurfacing it to the top of the discussion board, also known as bumping
  • Posts containing personal information or links to personal information including phone numbers, email or physical addresses
  • Threads that do not relate to the topic of the board

Kindle Direct Publishing's Role in the Community

  • Our team is actively involved in the KDP Community and we will regularly browse this forum; however, we cannot read every thread and post. For that reason, we rely on the Community to help us enforce the Community rules.
  • To protect your privacy and security, we will not reply to individual questions about specific titles or accounts here. Please contact us through our secure Contact Us link at the bottom of each page for specific questions that need our attention.
  • We will continue to post relevant updates and news for our members here. Please check back often to stay up-to-date on what’s happening at KDP.
  • As a team, we think a lot about which new features to build next for you. We will continue to use this forum to hear your ideas and to gauge your interests which helps us launch new technologies and offerings within KDP.
  • KDP reserves the right to remove, edit, and determine the appropriateness or value related to content at its sole discretion, without notice

Your use of the Kindle Direct Publishing Community is subject to the Amazon Conditions of Use and the KDP Terms and Conditions.

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