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Kindle Vella - Publish an Episode

Share your story by publishing one short episode at a time.


Publish an episode

After you create a story, you can publish episodes.

To publish an episode:
  1. Go to your Kindle Vella Library.
  2. Select the story to which you want to add an episode.
  3. Click Create new episode or Continue episode.
  4. Type or import your episode text.
  5. Choose your release date.
  6. Click Publish.

Update an episode

You can edit a published episode at any time.

To edit an episode:
  1. Go to your Kindle Vella Library.
  2. Click Manage your story.
  3. Select the episode you want to edit.
  4. Click Edit Episode.
  5. Enter your changes.
  6. Click Publish.

Delete an episode

You can delete a Draft episode to remove it from your Kindle Vella Library. You can't delete episodes that have been submitted for publication. After you delete an episode, that action can't be undone.

To delete an episode:
  1. Go to your Kindle Vella Library.
  2. Click Manage your story.
  3. Go to episode you want to delete.
  4. Click Delete draft.
  5. Click Yes to confirm you want to delete the episode.

Tell us about your episode

Episode detailsDescription
Episode title (optional)Enter a name for your episode. An episode title isn’t required. If you don't include a title, episodes will be titled by number. For example, Episode 1.

Note: We add episode numbers automatically, based on the order they're created.
Episode contentImport your episode from a Microsoft Word document (DOC/DOCX) or type it directly in the online editor.

Episodes must be in English and between 600-5,000 words. At this time, Kindle Vella supports basic formatting, such as bold, italics, and underlines.

The following formatting is not currently supported:
  • Indented paragraphs
  • Images
  • Charts
  • Tables
  • Special characters
  • Emojis
Author Notes (optional)Add Author Notes to share additional details or behind-the-scenes thinking with your readers. This is your opportunity to communicate directly with readers in your own voice.

You can use Author Notes to:
  • Give insight to readers on your writing process
  • Share details on a character's development
  • Share teasers to get readers excited for the next episode
This is a tool to build engagement with your story, so avoid including any links or prompting readers to leave the reading experience.

Author Notes appear after the episode and can't exceed 200 words. These notes are not included in your episode word count.

HTML is not supported.

Author Notes must comply with our content guidelines.

Preview episode

View your episode as it will appear to readers. To create a consistent reading experience across all Kindle Vella episodes, we remove paragraph indentations and add a line space between paragraphs during publishing.

If you want to make changes after previewing your episode, make them directly in the online editor or in your original Microsoft Word document and import the new file.


Readers can unlock episodes by purchasing and redeeming Tokens. Readers can read the first three episodes in your story without redeeming Tokens. For later episodes, the number of Tokens required to unlock an episode is set automatically based on word count. You can see the number of Tokens a reader needs to unlock an episode on the Episode setup page. Learn more about Tokens and royalties.

Release date

You can publish your episode immediately or schedule publication on a future date. After your episode goes Live or is Scheduled, we'll send you an email.
  • Release now. Publish your episode immediately. After we review your content to ensure it's in compliance with our content guidelines we'll make it Live to readers.
  • Schedule release. Scheduled episodes go available on the scheduled release date if the content is in compliance with our content guidelines. Scheduled episodes go live at midnight Eastern Standard Time on the release date. You can edit scheduled episodes up to four days before the release date.
To keep the story reading experience sequential, we can only publish an episode after all previous episodes are published. If you submit multiple episodes for publication at the same time, you may see the episode status in your Kindle Vella Library for a later episode change to Live while an earlier episode is still Publishing. Episodes will not become available to readers until all previous episodes are Live. If episodes aren't Live 72 hours after they were submitted, check your email to see if there's an issue that requires an update.

Episode status

Your episode status appears in your Kindle Vella Library.

DraftYour episode is created, but not published.
In ReviewYour episode is under review to ensure it meets our content guidelines.
Failed PublishingYour episode failed publishing due to a possible technical issue. Please try republishing.
Action RequiredYour episode requires changes before it can move to Live status. Check your email for instructions.
PublishingYour episode passed review and will move to Live status shortly.
ScheduledYour episode will be available in the Kindle Vella store on the release date you scheduled.
LiveYour episode is available to readers. To keep the reading experience sequential, episodes will not become available to readers until all previous episodes are Live.
Live with Unpublished ChangesYour episode is Live, but you made changes that haven't been published. Publish your updates to make them available to readers.
BlockedYour episode is unavailable for further editing due to a violation of our content guidelines. Check the email you use to access your KDP account for details.
UnpublishedYour episode (and story) is no longer available in the Kindle Vella store.

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