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Paperback Manual Review Checklist

After you submit your book for publication, we manually check your manuscript and cover files. To help you pass the manual review, we've created the checklist below. It includes the most common reasons files don't pass the review.

If you find issues, please update your original files and upload the revised versions to KDP. See an overview of the paperback file review process and troubleshooting tips.

Manual check Make sure...


All book details exactly match the information in your files The information in your manuscript and cover files exactly matches the book details (e.g., title, author name, edition, language, ISBN, etc.) you enter during title setup. Check all parts of your book, including:

  • Title page
  • Copyright page
  • Headers and footers
  • Front and back cover
  • Spine


  • Content in your manuscript file that's meant to extend beyond the edge of the page has "bleed." This will prevent white edges when the book is trimmed.
  • The cover extends far enough beyond the edge. This will prevent a white border when the book is trimmed.


Pagination/blank pages
  • The page numbers in your manuscript file are in sequential order.
  • There are no more than two consecutive blank pages at the beginning or middle of your manuscript file and/or 10 consecutive blank pages at the end.


Illegible text Your text is large and clear enough so that readers can enjoy your book. To help ensure your text is legible, check the following:

  • Text is at least 7-point font
  • Other elements don’t cut off or overlap text
  • Text doesn’t blend into the background
Be sure to check the text in all parts of your book, including the manuscript, images that contain text, and cover.


Spine text
  • The spine text has at least 0.0625" on each side. If the text is too large, it can wrap onto the front or back cover.
  • Your book has enough pages to provide a spine wide enough for text. Books need at least 100 pages to have spine text.


Template text All template text is customized or removed. Check all parts of your book, including:

  • Title page
  • Copyright page
  • Headers and footers
  • Front and back cover
  • Spine


  • Your manuscript content doesn't extends past the margins. This can cause the content from getting cut off during manufacturing.
  • The text on your cover doesn't extend past the cover edge. This can cause the text to be cut off during manufacturing.


Bundling There's no language in your files that implies your book is part of a bundled set.

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