Getting Started - How to Publish

To publish on Kindle, you'll need to complete your account profile and have a book file that has been formatted in one of the Supported Formats. For help with building your book, please see our Simplified Guide.

Once you're ready to begin, log in to your account and go to your Bookshelf. After you review the "New Title Checklist" for things you'll need to create a new title, click Create new title.

Then, complete the fields in Step 1 (Your Book) and Step 2 (Rights & Pricing) and you'll be ready to publish.

Within Steps 1 and 2 you have several sections to complete before publishing your book including:

Entering Title Information
Uploading and Previewing Book Content
Confirming Publishing Rights
Entering Pricing and Royalty Information

When you've completed all of the required information, click on the check box to confirm you have all rights necessary to publish the book file and details you've uploaded, and then click "Save and Publish" to submit your book to the Kindle Store.

It usually takes approximately 72 hours for your book to be available for purchase online. If you already have a print book for sale on Amazon and your content, title, and contributors are exactly the same, we will automatically link the digital edition with the print edition.

Once your book appears on Amazon or if you make any changes to your book’s metadata (cover image, author name, etc.), you can expect to see the changes reflected on the website within 48 hours. However, the changes are progressive and other parts of the detail page such as customer reviews may take longer to update.

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