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Advertising for KDP eBooks

Advertise your KDP eBooks on Amazon.com (US) through Amazon Marketing Services (AMS). You set the budget you want to spend and the maximum amount you're willing to pay when a customer clicks your ad. Customers who click your ad will go to your book's detail page. Charges accrue only when your ad is clicked.

Create your ad in 5 steps

1. Choose which eBook you'd like to promote

To get started, you'll need to create an Amazon Marketing Services account, which you can do by selecting the "Promote and Advertise" button in your Bookshelf.

To be eligible for promotions, your book must meet the following requirements:

2. Choose your campaign type

AMS offers two ad types for KDP eBooks:

  • Sponsored Product ads: Drive sales with keyword-targeted ads that appear below search results and on detail pages.

  • Product Display ads: Drive awareness of your book with reader and genre-targeted ads on detail pages.

3. Select your targeting

Targeting helps your ad reach the right customers. Depending on which ad product you choose, targeting will vary.

  • Sponsored Products:
    • Automatic Targeting: Amazon targets your ads to all relevant customer searches based on your product information. Our algorithm automatically collects and uses highly relevant keywords for all selected products.
    • Manual Targeting: Add your own keywords or phrases to your ad campaigns. Create your own ad keywords based on your book's content, genre and similar authors, or use suggested keywords from the ad builder. (Ad keywords are not the same as search keywords in your book’s metadata, which are subject to our Metadata Guidelines.)

  • Product Display Ads: Target your ads by related products (books or otherwise) or by customer interest (genre). Campaigns targeted by customer interest may qualify for additional ad placement on Kindle E-readers.

See Targeting Ad Campaigns to determine how to target for your book.

4. Set your bid and budget

You decide how much you want to spend promoting your book. To advertise, you must identify two budgets:

  • Cost-Per-Click (CPC) bid:: The maximum amount you want to pay when customers click on your ad.

  • Campaign budget: The maximum amount you want to spend during your campaign's run.

A valid credit card is required to run an ad. You're charged only when your ad is clicked. Billing history is available in your account, and you'll be notified at time of payment. Check out Campaign Bidding and Budgets for more details.

5. Set your campaign dates

Set start and end dates for when you want your ad campaign to run. Once you start your campaign, you can log into your account to see the Campaign Status.

For more details, see Getting Started with Ads. Already advertising? Learn more about how your ad performs.

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