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Character Encoding

If you are experiencing conversion failures when trying to upload HTML content, please open the HTML file in Notepad and save it with "Encoding: ANSI" (this is an option in the 'Save As' Notepad dialog). On non-Windows platforms, make sure to save it as ANSI or ASCII, avoiding 'UTF-8' or 'Unicode' as the encoding type.

Supported Characters:
Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing supports text in the 'Latin-1' (ISO-8859-1) format and all characters in that character set. The only characters from that set not currently supported are: spades, clubs, hearts, up-arrow, down-arrow, alpha, beta, gamma.

That character set includes the most characters found in western European languages and many associated glyphs such as the 'copyright' mark, superscript (power of two) and German umlauts. You can see a list of all supported characters here. An image showing all those characters can also be seen here.

Please note that the Amazon KDP interface will not automatically recognize 'illegal' characters in your input, such as Eastern European characters, Russian characters, etc. You will therefore be able to enter unsupported text, especially in the fields for authors, content title, and other product information.

When previewing your content after uploading it, illegal characters will not be displayed correctly in the content body. They will, however, be ignored in the product information (see above). This means that it is possible for you to accidentally enter unsupported characters in the product info and make your content available for purchase, displaying incorrect or garbled characters on the Amazon Kindle Store product page.

Please be sure to check that all the text you enter in the product info is therefore compliant with the Latin-1 character set.

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