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Campaign Reporting

Sponsored Products

Advertising reports show account-level data, excluding canceled orders for Sponsored Products. The data in these reports is a maximum of 12 hours old. Sponsored Products advertising reports include:

Sponsored Products report typesDescriptionOptimization tips
Search term reportSearch terms entered by customers shopping on Amazon that resulted in at least one clickUse this report to identify high-performing customer searches that can be added as new keywords, or add under-performing search terms as negative keywords to help increase campaign performance.
Targeting reportSales and performance metrics for keywords, products, and categories in all campaigns that received at least one impressionUse this report to see search volume and performance trends for your keywords, products, and categories. Narrow down your list and set budgets for the targets you really want.
Advertised product reportSales and performance metrics for advertised products in campaigns with at least one impressionUse this report to identify trends in overall performance over time for promoted titles and their various formats.
Placement reportPerformance of your campaigns in top-of-search and other placementsUse this report to gain insight into performance across different placement types and identify Sponsored Products campaigns that could benefit from Bid+.
Performance over time reportSummarizes clicks and spend over a specified period of timeUse this report to see average cost-per-click and total spend change over time.

Where can I access the downloadable reports?

To locate your new reports, click the Advertising reports tab.

How often is the data updated?

The data is updated every hour, with data no older than 12 hours.

Can I download a report for the lifetime of my account?

Downloadable reports for Sponsored Products only look back 60-90 days depending on the report type.

  • Targeting report: previous 90 days
  • Advertised product report: previous 90 days
  • Search term report: previous 60 days
  • Placement report: previous 90 days
  • Performance over time report: previous 90 days

To see lifetime data, refer to your campaign dashboard.

Can I delete a report after I download it?

At this time, you are unable to delete reports after they've been downloaded.

Does data in the reports match what's in campaign manager?

Yes. Downloadable data is in-line with the campaign manager.

What happens if I download multiple reports with the same name?

Each report will download and indicate their respective download dates and times.

Do the reports include data on all my existing campaigns?

Advertising Reports include data from all lifetime Sponsored Products campaigns, assuming they meet the criteria for the report (i.e. a campaign must have at least 1 impression to be included in the Targeting Report).

Do the reports include Kindle Unlimited data?

Kindle Unlimited data is not included on Amazon Advertising at this time.

Lockscreen Ads

Advertising reports for authors are only available for Sponsored Product at this time. To see how your Lockscreen Ads are performing, go to campaign manager.

Product Display Ads

To simplify our suite of advertising products for authors, we retired Product Display Ads for authors on January 27, 2019. To access your Product Display Ads historical data:

  1. Go to the Advertising reports tab in your Amazon Advertising account.
  2. Choose Product Display Ads from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click Download lifetime report.

Ad performance

If your ad isn't performing as expected, review the following to see what you can improve:

Targeting Bid and budget Pacing
Running a Lockscreen Ad campaign? Try targeting additional relevant interests. To do so, create a new Lockscreen campaign. For Sponsored Products, think about expanding your set of keywords to similar authors, similar titles, or keywords related to your book's genre. Or add categories and individual products to help readers find your book as they browse on Amazon.

Learn more about targeting ad campaigns.
Check to see if your bids are competitive. If your maximum bid is close to the average cost-per-click (CPC), think about increasing your bids. Check to see if your budget is practical for the duration that you have set. If you're running a multi-month campaign, but your budget is set at $100, you may not see the impression and click volume you were expecting.

Learn more about campaign bidding and budgets.
Update the campaign pacing to deliver impressions as quickly as possible.

If you've received a lot of impressions but want to increase clicks, review your campaign from the eyes of a reader by checking:

Targeting Custom text
For Lockscreen Ad campaigns, make sure the targeting is relevant to the book's genre. If it isn't, try changing the target interest category. If you do so, you have to create a new campaign. For Sponsored Products, check that your keywords are relevant and targeted to your book's genre, and that these may be search terms customers would use when shopping for a book like yours. Or add categories and individual products to help readers find your book as they browse on Amazon. The cover of your book should combine art, title, and text to form a cohesive message. Try adding a custom teaser to share insights on the book.

Ad relevance

To ensure an ad is both interesting to our customers and effective to advertisers like you, we actively compare it with similar ads to determine if it's relevant. Relevance is determined in part by customer click-through rates. If too few customers are clicking an ad, the campaign can be stopped and you'll receive an email with suggestions on how to improve relevancy.

If your campaign is stopped, we highly encourage you to create another campaign with an eye towards more specific interests and products your potential customers would likely have. Tips to increase the effectiveness of your ad:

  • Refine your targeting options
  • Ensure your book's cover, title, and price appeal to customers

Sales attribution

For ads to be credited with a sale in the campaign manager, shoppers must click an ad and purchase a title within 14 days of clicking. Sales can be attributed to a campaign in three ways:

  • ASIN. Sales of the exact ASIN being advertised are credited to the campaign
  • Title. Sales of the advertised title, including the advertised format and any other formats, are credited to the campaign
  • Brand. Sales of any titles associated with the advertised ASIN’s brand are credited to the campaign

Each ad type uses one or a combination of these attribution methods to report ad sales. The chart below details how each ad type attributes ad sales in the campaign manager.

ASIN Title Brand
Sponsored Products X X
Lockscreen X

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