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Campaign Billing

Advertising payments

Amazon charges for the number of clicks you receive on your ads. We charge you each time you accumulate a certain amount of click charges, which we refer to as the credit limit.

You are charged when:

  • You accumulate your first $1 worth of clicks.
  • You accumulate additional clicks that meet or exceed your credit limit. Your credit limit begins at $50 and increases each time you reach your credit limit and you make a successful payment. From $50, it increases to $150, $200, $350, and finally $500.
  • You have a balance due for the previous month, regardless of your credit limit. You incur this charge on the third day of each month.
Note: You may be charged more than once per month if you exceed your credit limit before the month is over. If you do not exceed your credit limit, you are charged only once per month, the first week of the month

We automatically create an invoice each time we bill for clicks. Those invoices are available to you in the Billing section.

Occasionally, you might see an overlap in the invoice date. This is not because you are being charged twice for the same click. Invoice date overlaps can occur for the following two reasons:

  • You will frequently see a same-date overlap when you reach your credit limit in the middle of the day and your invoice closes, then another invoice is opened that same day and your credit limit is reset.
  • You might see an invoice date overlap of several days when clicks received prior to the invoice date are invalidated.

Payment methods for advertising

You can pay for advertising with credit and debit cards.

The total advertising fee is charged to your selected payment method during an invoice period. You will only be able to select a single payment method for your account. You will be charged in the currency of the marketplace where the ads were created.

Note: If your payment method fails after multiple attempts, your advertising account will be placed into payment failure status and your campaigns will be paused. Learn more about updating your payment method

Update your payment method for advertising

When you register for advertising using a credit card, Amazon uses the card to validate advertising payments

Only an advertising console administrator can update the payment method. Users that were invited as secondary users cannot update the payment method.

To update your payment method:

  1. Go to Billing and payments
  2. Click Payment settings
  3. Select your desired payment method and enter the required information.
  4. Click Set as current payment method.
Note: If this is your first time creating an ad in a new marketplace, make sure the same credit card is available as a payment method in Your Amazon Wallet on your Amazon.com account (Your Account > Payment options).
Note: Your new payment method will take effect within one hour.

Resolve a payment failure for advertising

If you receive a payment failure notification, verify that your payment method is still valid.

To review your payment method:

  1. Go to Billing and payments.
  2. Click Payment settings.

When you're troubleshooting a payment failure, consider these possibilities:

  • Has your credit card expired?
  • Have you entered the credit card number incorrectly?
  • Have you reported the card as lost or stolen, or otherwise deactivated it?
  • Has the credit card company changed the credit card account number?
  • Does your bank have restrictions regarding electronic or internet purchases?
  • If this is your first time creating an ad in a new marketplace, make sure the same credit card is available as a payment method in Your Amazon Wallet on your Amazon.com account (Your Account > Payment options).

Your ad will restart automatically once your credit card details are processed and verified. This can take up to 72 hours. If your campaign is already past the end date you set and you've updated your credit card, you can submit a new ad.

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