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Proof Copies

Proof copies are snapshots of how your paperback or hardcover book would print before it goes through our quality review. You can check for grammatical errors, typos, and formatting. You can also review images or graphics to make sure they meet your expectations.

Proofs are different from regular copies. They have a "Not for Resale" watermark on the cover and no ISBN. During printing, we place a unique barcode in the lower right-hand corner of the back cover for Left to Right book, and in the lower left-hand corner of the back cover for Right to Left book. If you have images or text on this part of the cover, the barcode will cover them.

Ordering proofs isn't mandatory. If you order a proof, you can submit your book for publication right away or wait until you receive and review the proof. It's up to you. However, if your submission doesn't pass our quality review, you'll need to edit your files and resubmit them.

 If you’ve already ordered a proof copy, and you have a question or concern about the copy you received, visit Manage Orders.


Order proof copies

You can order proofs for books in "Draft" status, and you need to approve the book in Print Previewer first.

  1. Go to your KDP Bookshelf.
  2. Find the paperback or hardcover book you want to order.
  3. In the ellipsis ("...") menu, click Request Printed Proofs.
  4. Choose the order quantity. You can order up to five copies at a time.
  5. Choose the Amazon marketplace closest to your shipping location.
  6. Click Submit Proof Request.
Note: For accounts on kdp.amazon.com, the Japanese marketplace (amazon.co.jp) is not available. For accounts on kdp.amazon.co.jp, only the Japanese marketplace is available for selection.

 Don't see the option to order? Click here.

Within four hours of submitting your request, you'll receive an email with a link to complete your proof order. You need to complete your purchase within 24 hours of receiving this email.

Important: Before clicking Request Printed Proofs, be sure that you’re signed into the correct KDP account that is associated with the title. This ensures that the email is sent to the correct email address. If you don’t see your email after four hours, make sure you’re checking the email address that is associated with your KDP account.

After you receive the email and click the link to complete your order, you'll be sent to the Amazon cart or basket. You can use your existing payment information and delivery addresses or add addresses to send copies to reviewers.

Issues ordering?

Troubleshoot common problems with proof orders:

  • Empty cart or basket. Common reasons why your cart or basket is empty or missing items:
    • Not signed in to your KDP account. If you add items to your cart or basket while signed in to your KDP account and then sign out, your items will seem to disappear. If this is the case, you should be able to retrieve your cart or basket by signing back in to your KDP account.
    • Expired proof request. Within four hours of requesting proof copies, you'll receive an email with a link to complete the order. If you don't complete the order within 24 hours of receiving this email, the request expires. If your request expires, you can submit another proof request.
    • Different marketplace chosen. When you choose a marketplace for your request, you'll complete your order by going to the corresponding Amazon site. For example, if you choose Amazon.co.uk, you need to go to your Amazon.co.uk basket to complete the order.
  • No option to order. To order proof copies, you need to approve the book in Print Previewer. Also, if you already submitted your book for publication, you won't be able to order proofs while your book is in "Review" or "Publishing" status. Once your book is in "Live" status, you will be able to order proof copies.
  • No proof request confirmation email. Within four hours of requesting your proof, you'll receive an email with a link to complete your order. After you receive this email, click Proceed to Shopping cart/basket to complete your order. If you can't find the email or you deleted it, check your cart or basket for your proof order.
  • Browser issues. Sometimes you may have trouble ordering copies because of your web browser. Try clearing your cache and deleting your cookies. Please check your browser's help files for more information.

Shipping options

Proof copy orders don't qualify for free or Prime shipping, but all paid standard and expedited Amazon shipping options are available. You can ship copies to multiple shipping addresses by placing separate orders for each destination.

Note: For kdp.amazon.co.jp, only standard shipping is available.

Shipping rates

Amazon shipping rates depend on the selected shipping speed and weight or size of the items. You can see the applicable shipping rate for items in your cart. The total shipping and handling cost will be listed under in your order summary.

Local shipping rates: Global shipping rates:

Shipping restrictions

Certain restrictions prevent us from shipping proof copies to all geographical locations. You'll be notified at checkout if we can't ship copies to the address you entered.

  • Orders placed on Amazon.com.au can only be shipped to addresses in Australia. If you have rights in other territories, you can order from those marketplaces to ship to addresses outside Australia.
  • We can't ship copies to addresses in territories that belong to the Swiss Customs Union. However, authors and publishers in these locations can order retail copies of their paperback or hardcover. Learn more about international shipping

Pricing and discounts

When you order proof copies through your KDP account, you pay the printing cost for each copy in your selected marketplace. The trim size, interior type, and page count determines this price. It doesn't include shipping charges or taxes. For estimated printing costs, use our calculator.

This price is the lowest price we can offer for your book. We can't offer additional discounts.


Proof copies are subject to taxes. The appropriate taxes are collected at checkout.

You might qualify to make tax-exempt purchases. Learn more about the Amazon Tax Exemption Program.

Manage orders

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